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Choosing Which Type Of Heavy Bag Is Best For Your Training Style

Becoming a mixed martial artist can be extremely difficult work that requires a lot of different training equipment, with one of the most crucial pieces of equipment being the heavy bag that is used to perfect your attacks. All of the bags that are currently available are great for training different techniques and abilities and should be selected based on the interest and skill level of the fighter who will be training with them on a regular basis.

Anyone who just needs a punching bag and has no plans of working on any specialized techniques can’t go wrong with the run of the mill eight to one hundred pounder, with its thick leather or synthetic materials that hold it together during your fiercest training. Available in a free standing model or hung from sturdy galvanized chains, these bags are considered to be the standard in all-purpose training gear and must haves for anyone who intends to cultivate professional-level skills as an MMA fighter.

There are some MMA bags that are designed specifically for individuals who are new to the sport and are still working on strengthening up for the big leagues. There are a few key differences between these bags and the ones that are intended for use by experienced fighters, which include being broader, softer, and lighter, to give the novice trainee plenty of surface to land their blows and less resistance to decrease the risk of injury.

The traditional Muay Thai variety is generally constructed of authentic leather, or a leather-like material, and is made to withstand a ton of punishment with woven backing and strong, four-part welded galvanized chains. A big part of Muay Thai training is to become as swift and accurate as physically possible, so these bags are usually much slimmer than the average bag and are light weight enough to keep in constant motion.

When you want to master the kind of moves you would need to use when an opponent is trying to get on the inside, like knee and elbow strikes, your best bet would be to train with some quality teardrop bags. As a mixed martial artist, you would be spending a lot of time fighting in close quarters, without enough room between you and your opponent to throw a good punch, and these bags are meant to prepare you for those moments.

There are several different styles of heavy bag available, each of which offers its own benefits to cater to a specific training and fighting style. Fighters who train to master each discipline end up using all of these different bags at one point or another.

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