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Christmas Shopping In A Field Of Firs

There are so many opportunities to express Christmas spirit that some families find doing their Christmas shopping in a field of firs to be a very satisfying experience. Of course, they could shop for Christmas trees at a mass merchandising retailer but the thought of plastic tree shapes that resemble a Christmas tree with a good stretch of the imagination, in their living room dampened their Christmas cheer just a notch.

Every year, many shoppers wait with baited breath for the fields to open. Throughout the year they might drive by these Christmas tree farms and keep their eye on a certain tree. They probably noticed it last season and hoped that nobody would buy it because it was the Christmas fir of their dreams. This particular tree had the perfect shape and the right number of needles but was real small last season.

The flavor of pine is in the air when Christmas tree shoppers drive up the dirt path. The children in the car are truly in awe at the delicious assortment of Christmas trees on the lot. These trees might have the opportunity to live another year if a family find them but considers them too small for their living room during this Christmas season. The field of firs in front of them is spectacular and offers Christmas tree shoppers a glint of Christmas that many families do not get to enjoy.

Christmas tree farms are cropping up all over the United States and some of these growers have been devoted to this form of farming for several generations. Great care is taken to protect the trees throughout the year and many farmers will light stoves in the groves to protect them from the hard freezes when they have not been growing very long. Some people buy these firs and plant them in their yards because they want the spirit of Christmas to surround their home year round.

Some Christmas tree shoppers will roam for hours up and down the rows of Christmas firs in a field. Every base on the ones that grab their interest will be inspected for bends and evidence that the limbs were not trimmed properly. The branches will be touches and the leafing closely examined because in this field of firs there were many fine candidates for their living room this season.

Some of the Christmas firs have a certain personality to them. They might be portly but have a better shape than those that are much taller in stature. Some of these Christmas firs seem to call out to people when they pass because they are on the farthest corner of the lot and rarely see people because they have to travel so far to get to them. These are typically the largest firs in the field and people might not want to cut them since they have been there for years.

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