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Clear Up Dry Skin Fast Naturally

Xeroderma, the medical name for dry skin, occurs most commonly on the lower legs, arms, the sides of the abdomen and thighs and is a very common condition. The use of natural or synthetic cosmetics to cover the appearance of the face and condition of the skin, like controlling the pores and covering blackheads, is common among many cultures.

Skin is one of the most important parts of the body; it’s our largest organ. The dermis is tightly connected to the epidermis by a basement membrane. The outermost layer of epidermis consists of 25 to 30 layers of dead cells.

If you break out on the skin around your eyes, it could be the shellac in your mascara; buy a shellac-free mascara like Ecco Bella’s. When the skin loses moisture it may crack and peel, or become irritated and inflamed. The symptoms most associated with dry skin are: scaling, which is the visible peeling of the outer skin layer, itching, and cracks in the skin.

When the oil glands do not supply enough lubrication to the skin, the skin becomes dehydrated. Nutritional deficiencies, especially deficiencies of vitamin A and the B vitamins can also contribute to dry skin or result in a chronic dry skin condition that’s not relieved by anything else. Dry skin can also be a sign of an underactive thyroid.

I can’t stress enough the importance of drinking plenty of pure, filtered water – a minimum of a quart a day. Drink freshly extracted carrot juice, if you can, every day; carrot juice is an excellent cleanser for the liver, great for the skin and contains a great deal of nutrients, all beneficial for dry skin, eczema, acne, zits, pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, and other breakouts. Consider taking cod liver oil or fish oil supplements, in liquid form, every day.

For any skin condition, it’s always better to take a natural approach. Dry and pat your skin gently and thoroughly after a bath or shower if it’s extremely dry or irritated. Try using a humidifier if the air is dry and you have a severe skin condition.

I buy coconut oil by the gallon; it’s cheaper for a whole gallon of coconut oil than a small jar of department store, name-brand moisturizer. Dry skin contributes to fine lines and wrinkles; coconut oil helps prevent the onset by keeping the skin soft and supple. Coconut oil is very inexpensive – a great, cheap home remedy for all skin conditions.

Use coconut oil to remove your make-up at night, like I do; it leaves a fine layer of oil to nourish your skin all night long; but better yet, apply more coconut oil. Apply coconut oil daily to your skin to heal, moisturize and soothe it.

Functions of the skin are disturbed when it’s not clean; it becomes more easily damaged, the release of antibacterial compounds decreases and it’s more prone to develop infections. Skin that’s not clean favors the development of pathogenic organisms; the dead cells continually slough off of the epidermis and mix with the secretions of the sweat and sebaceous glands and the dust found on the skin, to form a layer on its surface.

Call your skin doctor if dryness and itching are preventing you from sleeping. It’s time to call your doctor for an appointment when all your home remedies do not relieve your dryness and itching. And did I mention to drink lots and lots of water every day?

For more information on coconut oil treatment for dry skin and dry skin care treatments go to Helen Hecker R.N.’s website specializing in care for skin conditions with tips, advice and resources for women, men, teens and babies, including information on the best natural products