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Clothes Moth Infestations

Have you ever gone into your wardrobe to pull out your favourite garment only to find small holes or damage? Most of us have at some stage noticed little rips, tears, holes and imperfections appearing in our clothes. The majority of the time it is our poor washing machines that are blamed for this damage and people do not realise that there is a good chance that this damage can actually be caused by the common clothes moth, known by its scientific name as Tineola Bisselliella.

These moths simply love to feast on our clothes and unfortunately they have expensive tastes as well! This means that if you happen to have a silk shirt, an expensive suit or a nice cashmere sweater then these little pests will head directly to them and start inflicting their damage. This can cause extremely costly damage and although it is easy to mock “a moth attack”, it can actually damage hundreds, or even thousands of pounds worth of clothes.

Unfortunately, moths attacking your clothes is not a case of a one off event. A moth is unlikely to come along, have a nibble on your clothes and then leave to never be seen again. In fact, what is more likely to happen is that they will move in permanently and start to bring their friends and offspring into the equation. This can lead to a full-on moth infestation which can cause serious problems.

Again, the problem is that it may not even be apparent that you have a moth infestation. It is not as simple as opening your wardrobe doors and seeing a flock of moths flying around. In fact, it is often the complete opposite as moths can hide and home themselves in the dark nooks and crannies that a wardrobe offers and also manage to effectively hide themselves away actually amongst your clothes.

This can then lead to a vicious circle of eggs being laid and increasing the infestation without you even knowing or being able to control it. Killing existing moths will not solve the problem if there are already eggs and larvae nested in the wardrobe and therefore this can turn into a prolonged problem that costs you plenty of your favourite garments in the meantime.

By far the best way to sort out the problem quickly and efficiently is to get an expert to come and visit your home and check out the problem. These experts will have all the sprays and traps that are needed to treat an infestation properly from the existing moths through to the eggs. This will allow you to quickly control and then eradicate the problem in as short-a-time as possible.

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