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Club Nautico – Miami Boat Rentals for the joy ride

Club Nautico was founded on the principle of making boating accessible to everyone. To this end we have several memberships that allow affordable access to our fleet. Depending on the frequency of your boating, one of the following membership packages will allow you to enjoy your time on the water without breaking the bank. The membership package includes FULL PASSAGE, CORPORATE, Gold Membership, Gold Membership for friends and family, platinum membership and Platinum membership for friends and family. You can enroll up to three (3) friends, family or co-workers and all the members will receive the same great benefits as a full passage member at the amount of $1500. Club membership is not required. Our goal is simply to get you involved in the thrill and rewards of recreational boating one way or another, and in the fashion best suited to your lifestyle, your personality, and your objectives.

Power boat range in size from our 18 foot Sea Rays to our 34 foot Sea Ray, and are available for rent with or without a captain for 4 hours (half day) or 8 hours (full day). Our yachts include a 52 foot and a 54 foot Sea Ray and can be chartered to meet your requirements. Our boats are docked at marinas in Miami Beach (South Beach) and Key Biscayne, and are convenient to hotels and residences throughout the region. We are also tagged as famous Boat Tours Miami and Power Boat Charters. Club Nautico offers the best Miami Beach Boat rentals at the affordable rate for all. You can pay for 12 months of discounted rates (up to 40%) on Club Nautico’s entire fleet of powerboats and yachts. You can have 12 months of discounted rates (up to 40%) on Club Nautico’s entire fleet of powerboats and yachts. Boats in their 18 feet to 20 feet category are affordable and fun. We have a wide range of yachts available for half day or full day cruises. We have over 30 powerboats and yachts. Whether you’re completely new to the sport of boating and want to jump in, or you’re an experienced boater blessed with ample time to boat frequently, Club Nautico offers you an option to chart your own course in the fabulous world of boating in a fun, safe, and convenient fashion. You can get the various powerboats and yachts featured details and membership plans by visiting our website.

If you like to visit sea, wants to enjoy the fun of fishing, the adventure of diving and the joy of being on the water with family and friends, then contact Club Nautico for cheap boat rentals. We provide the cheapest boat rentals and boat tours Miami and also concentrate on client satisfaction. So, reserve your exciting boat tours in Miami today!

Club Nautico provides best boat rental services and boat tours Miami in Florida. We are located in the heart of Miami Beach and on key Biscayne. If you want to visit all the main beaches at affordable prices, then we are the best service provider in the market.