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Coffee Varieties Around the World

It’s more than just the average morning beverage taken by millions the world over. Though its use as a pick-me-up is well documented and the primary reason why many drink this brew, coffee has a variety of uses around the world. No matter where you go, you’ll find this brew enjoyed in a multitude of ways.

Rather than sip a glass of wine to enjoy warm summer days, many simply prefer a cappuccino or an espresso as the best way to wind down at the end of a hard day or find that energetic kick to get their day going.

However it’s used, coffee rivals beer, wine and spirits as the drink of choice along with the endless variety in the way it’s made.

House Blends: The way coffee is made and served is often different from one coffeehouse to the next. Coffeehouses brew their concoction that best suits the demands of their customers. So if you don’t like the brew in one spot, move on to the next where you’ll likely find the coffee that best suits your tastes.

Chai: It’s a spiced, milky black tea blend made from concentrated syrup, though sometimes is made from teabags. In some coffeehouses it comes in special flavors, like raspberry, vanilla or chocolate. It comes topped with foam, whipped cream or shaved chocolate.

Egg Cream: It’s a blend made from flavored powder or syrup, often chocolate but can be made with vanilla or strawberry mixed in with milk and soda water. Recipes vary depending on which coffeehouse you visit and many New York houses stake their claim at being the best.

Flavored Coffee: It comes from flavored coffee beans, but sometimes from syrup and powder. Popular flavors include chocolate/mocha. Irish cream, vanilla, caramel, cinnamon, hazelnut, pecan and almond.

French Press: This coffee uses a coarse grind and contains a great deal more caffeine than espresso. It’s brewed in a plunger-style pot. Once left to sit for awhile, the plunger is used to depress the grind to release the caffeine. Many a coffee lover enjoys coffee French pressed.

French Soda: Typically made with two ounces of flavored syrup with two ounces of half-and-half cream and poured over the top of iced soda water. Popular flavors include cherry, lime, raspberry, peach, strawberry, pineapple and vanilla. Cremosas or Italian Cream Sodas come topped with whipped cream.

Single Origin: Not your average store bought variety, it comes from a farm, a village or a farmer’s cooperative. It’s different in that it gives a unique flavor that’s exclusive to a particular region or territory where it is grown.

Smoothie: We know it as a blend of fruits mixed in with milk, ice cream or yogurt with the addition of coffee. Fruit flavors include strawberry, banana, peach, mango and mixed berries. They can come topped with whipped cream or with a flavored syrup. Some coffeehouse will replace the fruit with espresso and add decorations like candy bars.

Streamer: It’s one ounce of flavored syrup in foamed or steamed milk. Popular varieties included vanilla, mint, chocolate, Irish cream, almonds, apple, ginger, pumpkin and caramel. Streamers often come with whipped cream or foam.

Teas: Not just the usual black and green tea variety, these particular green and black teas contain caffeine and come from the leaves of the camellia plant. However, herbal teas can contain caffeine, the most popular mint, chamomile and ginger. Some coffeehouse serve up iced teas pre-brewed every day. Teas can be made into lattes which are usually lower in caffeine with the addition of milk and cream.

Yerba Matte: It comes from an herb grown in South America and brewed the same way as tea. It contains a good deal of caffeine and antioxidants. It has a bittersweet, earthy taste.

The world of coffee is a world to be experienced. Rich, strong, creamy or mild, you’re sure to find that special brew that satisfies your palette.

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