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Color–The Pathway To The Soul

You are what you eat, and you are what you think, but do you know that you are also the color that you choose? The fact that colors have psychological significance and that meditating on them can heal old, emotional wounds is the basis of Dr. John Diamond’s breakthrough in Meditative therapy–the Diamond Color Meditation. Working with Dr. Max Luscher and the Luscher Color Schematics, Dr. Diamond has produced a meditation that allows us to access the healing energies we need at the unconscious level.

Dr. Diamond is a pioneering figure in alternative and holistic medicine. He began his career in psychiatry, but expanded into holistic medicine. His body of work, which embraces a wide range of disciplines from psychiatry to applied kinesiology to music, is as long as his credentials. He now practices as a Holistic Consultant in New York. Dr. Diamond is also associated with Life Energy Foundation.

According to Dr. Diamond and Dr. Luscher, colors have deep psychological significance that go back to our primitive, unconscious roots. “I love the unconscious and have worked there, lived there for many years and I have not only a great belief in it but a great respect for it,” says Dr. Diamond. The color palette presented in the Diamond Color Meditation allows us to access the unconscious energies we need to heal our wounds. These energies are part of the great healing force–The Life Energy–that we can all activate within us.

Most of us evade the pain of our wounds by escaping into unhealthy addictions for work, food, toxic substances, toxic relationships or toxic beliefs. Living on the surface in this manner denies us the power to confront our wounds in a genuine manner and transform them into healing energies. However, meditating on the colors and symbols of the Diamond Color Meditation allows us to shift out of stress and anxiety into a state of being loved or “Belovedness.” It is this state of total surrender to a sense of being loved that allows for the power of deep healing. All colors have a spiritual dimension, according to Dr. Diamond, but the color fuschia in particular has this quality that transports us to our mother–the One.

Anguish and pain prevent us from seeing and living in the One. When we are in this state, according to Dr, Diamond, “we are in the dark. No amount of material objects, money or cars will actually fulfill our deepest pain, longing and suffering. Sometimes these roadblocks are conscious, but more often than not they are unconscious.”

“I believe that you have to approach [the unconscious] with awe, respect, admiringly, and lovingly because to me, it is the very heart, or essence, of the person. It is not something to be trampled on or approached without deep respect.” The Diamond Color Meditation is a perfect way allowing us access to our unconscious in a respectful, loving manner. Re-establishing the state of being “beloved” at an unconscious level means that we are treating our anxieties and pain at their primal source–the site of primal wounding. Engaging the unconscious in this manner releases tremendous healing power.

While drugs can bring about symptomatic relief, true lealing always involves a change in a person’s attitude towards himself, his situation and life. color meditation allows us to tap into the great healing force within us–Life Energy.

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