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Common Weight Loss Questions

There are many people that are trying hard to lose weight and often there are questions that come to mind. If you have questions about losing weight then read on to find the answers. Following are several of the most frequently asked questions having to do with weight loss and dieting.

What should my weight be?

Remember that every person is different so beware of following health charts that you find. Usually you can find the best answer to this question by asking your doctor. Your BMI body mass index is actually more important than just your weight.

What diet will help me lose the most weight?

There is no one diet that will be the best for losing weight. You need to be sure that you eat a healthy diet and also be sure that you are eating fewer calories than your body burns daily if you want to lose weight.

What is the best weight to keep off weight?

It is important to lose your weight slowly. About one to two pounds a week is usually best and those that lose weight slowly have a better chance of it off. If you make changes in the way you eat and exercise you will build a long term plan that can help you keep weight off for the rest of your life.

Is obesity related to diabetes?

Obesity can be related to diabetes. Obesity has been proven to increase the risk of many different health problems. It has been found that people that are overweight are at a greater risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes.

Is there a way to decrease the amount of sugar I take in?

One way to cut the amount of sugar you get is the fairly obvious way of cutting candy and other sweets out of your diets. You can also check the labels of what you eat looking for fructose and sucrose that may be in the products.

Should I weight myself every day?

No, you should only weight yourself weekly. Remember that the scale is not as important as how your clothing fits. Even if the scale is not moving, but you are going down in clothing size you are doing something right.

Is exercise important?

Exercise is very important. While you do not have to exercise to lose weight, exercise does make it easier to lose weight. There are many things you can do to burn calories like cleaning your home, walking, swimming, or even dancing.

What actually is a calorie?

Calories are how energy is measured. The amount of calories in a food is the amount of energy that food contains for your body to use when you eat it.

If I don’t change my diet can I still lose weight?

Sometimes you can lose weight without changing your diet by increasing exercise. If your diet is unhealthy you want to change your diet to promote long term weight loss. If you combine a healthy diet with exercise you will see the best benefits.

Can I eat fish while dieting?

Yes, you can eat fish while dieting. Fish is a great food that is low in fat and contains a high amount of protein. Eating fish often can be very healthy for your body.

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