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Complaining Is A Habit

“Instead of complaining that the rose bush is full of thorns, be happy that the thorn bush has roses.”

-German Proverb

Do you ever complain? Or, should I ask, how many times a day do you complain and what is it that you complain about? It becomes such a habit that most of the time we just complain on auto-pilot. And, on top of that many times what we complain about is a blessing in disguise.

Now granted there are some things in life that are normal to complain about like people who don’t know how to drive! (Tongue in cheek) Have you ever caught yourself complaining about the guy who cut you off or who didn’t make the light? Do you ever wonder how some people passed their drivers test?

I, like many people can become frustrated by these crazy people! But one day I decided to drive as if I wasn’t in a hurry to get somewhere and no matter what anyone did while behind the wheel it was going to be just fine with me. To my surprise, my ride, my mood and my attitude changed. It wasn’t an issue anymore.

Yesterday my best friend was telling me that her son was coming home from school. I said, “I bet you are so excited.” She said, “I am except I know he will have a pile of laundry to do.” Believe me, I know how much she loves him but this is simply an example of the mindless complaining we do.

I say this not as a judgment but as an observation, since we all do it and need to become more aware of when and how we do it and what we complain about. I said to her, “You get to do his laundry! What if you didn’t have him? I bet then you would give anything to do his laundry.

Complaining can become a habit. We look at what is wrong instead of appreciating what is right. We complain that we “have to” do things, instead of realizing how lucky we are that we “get to” do them. Or, for that matter that we even “can” do them.

Just for today try and go through the day without complaining. And, if and when you do, write down what it was about and how many times you complained. You will be surprised how often stupid little things will come up that are insignificant in the big scheme of things.

Next, write down everything you have to be thankful for; who, what and why. Think about this, don’t just brush it off. After you make your list look at it a couple of times a day and each morning and then see how focusing on your blessings makes you feel.

It’s only when we become more aware of what we think and say that we can choose to either change it or keep it the same. My guess is that there isn’t one person who can’t benefit from this exercise.

We all have so much in our lives that we take for granted. So start today and break the habit of complaining and replace it with a habit of being thankful instead.

Susan Russo is an author and coach whose work has inspired people from all over the world to take back their power! Would you like to empower yourself to do the same? Discover Susan’s 7 Keys to unlock your power and live the life you deserve!