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Compulsive Sensual Behavior – Recognizing The Signs Of An Addiction

Sensual pleasure is a great gift, but compulsive sensual behavior can be more like a curse. Lots of men think that a compulsion involving sensual activity just means a guy gets more action and only pays for it with a sore male organ or a lack of sleep. The truth is that this is an addictive behavior and has negative consequences in terms of both male organ health and a man’s overall well-being. One of the biggest issues is that a man whose sensuality has a compulsive component engages in many lies to cover up his inability to control his behavior.

What is compulsive sensual activity?
The Mayo Clinic says this about compulsive sensual behavior:

(it) is an obsession with sensual thoughts, feelings or behaviors that affects your health, job, relationships or other parts of your life.

A person with this kind of addictive behavior has difficulty controlling his sensual urges. Often, these urges are “self-contained” and do not physically affect other people. At other times, they may involve others in a relatively benign physical manner; in extreme cases, a sensual compulsion can lead to forced sensual encounters with an unwilling partner.

One of the hallmarks of a compulsive behavior is the need to lie. Sometimes the individual lies to others; sometimes he lies to himself. Some of the common untruths that he may offer include:

• “I’m not hurting anyone.” This is a very common lie, and in some cases it may seem on the surface to be true. Often, a sensual addict does not engage in behaviors that cause physical harm to another person – or even, aside from a sore male organ, to himself. (Clearly, this does not apply to those whose compulsion drives them to force themselves upon unwilling partners.)

However, addictive behaviors can cause harm that goes beyond the physical. Because the compulsion is usually acted upon in secret, it causes a man to hide things from other people, even those to whom he is closest. This can cause strains in relationships; trust issues can easily develop. In addition, the fact that he must hide his behavior frequently creates self-esteem and/or anger issues to develop in the individual.

• “I’m able to control it; I just don’t want to.” The fact is that a sensual compulsive has, at best, limited control over his sensual actions. He may be able to refrain from pulling out his member and pleasuring himself in public, but he is not able to maintain the kind of control that is viewed as typical and healthy.

• “This is just a phase.” For a compulsive, this is not true. There may be periods of time when he is relatively in control, but the frequent repetition of these “phases,” and the intensity and urgency associated with them, demonstrate an actual compulsion.

• “I feel fine.” Most compulsives feel shame, anger, guilt and a range of other emotions, but not “fine;” depression is common. Those who do not experience these emotions are often repressing them – a situation which is not healthy.

A man who engages in compulsive sensual activity needs to seek professional help to learn to manage the compulsion. In the meantime, this kind of compulsive behavior frequently causes a man to suffer from an extremely sore male organ or from rawness of the organ due to overuse or overaggressive handling. Using a high quality male organ health cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) can help to manage some of the physical distress caused by the compulsion. Relief from soreness can be obtained by using a cream that includes a soothing high end emollient such as shea butter. It’s also essential that the cream contains vitamin C, which can assist with the collagen production that an overused member requires to remain healthy.