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Concentration Power: How to Help Children to be focused

When I was a child, I used to wonder how a magnifying glass could burn a piece of paper. But later on I came to know that when the rays of the sun were focused through it, the paper catches fire. The fire could start only when the sun’s rays were concentrated to a small point. This experience explained me vividly the power that concentration has. The time when we concentrate on a particular thing, that time our energies are not dissipated on irrelevant activities or thoughts. This is the reason why developing concentration power becomes one of the most important criterion for human beings to live a life of worthiness. It is often observed that when we are depressed or couldn’t concentrate on particular topic, we get distracted.

Concentration is the ability to direct the attention to one single thought or subject, to the exclusion of everything else. The concentration power depends upon many particular aspects. During the formative years of a child, parents need to take care of this, because that’s the time when children develop their basic ideas about the world around.Parents can help children to learn to pay attention. For this strong discipline is needed. Our attention span mostly suffers due to the lack of sound sleep. Parents should maintain a daily routine of sleeping hours so that the children can enjoy a sound sleep. The parents also need to make sure that children wake up at a particular time every morning.

The more consistent a child’s schedule is, the easier it for the child to maintain that. Firm physical behavior with the child is another way of help the child to concentrate. If parents notice their children behaving in a different manner, they should understand that this may make the children lose their concentration. In such a situation, parents should try to understand their child first prior to solving their problems. One small kind gesture from you might be all that the child needs to heal the inner conflicts. When children get rewarded on their good deeds, they are encouraged to do other things in a more enthusiastic way. This also increases their power to focus.Research proves that when we have visual learning facilities in our schools, we can concentrate on the academics more. Projectors, DVDs, 3D and animated pictures facilitate the learning process.

When children generate an interest in their classes, they can focus more on their particular topics. Complex scientific theories should be explained in practical way so that children can grasp those more easily. Moreover, it is observed that those with better listening skills develop better concentration power. Listening carefully is the basis of focusing on things properly. Support is another way of developing attentiveness. When children create an environment in the class room where both children and teachers get the equal chance of sharing ideas, the children’s absorption power get increased. As kids are not matured like adults, so parents and teachers shouldn’t expect them to be perfect. Children may make many mistakes, but it is for the parents and teachers to try and understand them. When children get a healthy environment in home and school their span of concentration increases.

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