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Conjugated Linoleic Acid Pills for Weight Loss

What is the Conjugated Linoleic Acid pills claim to fame? It is a newly discovered good fat. It is naturally found in the grass fed animal meat and dairy products. Recently, it has been made into a synthetic version. Its many uses include being a muscle builder and a diet aid.

It is not a get skinny quick scheme. It shows substantial affects when used with regular exercise and sensible eating habits, by helping you maintain a lean muscle tone. What it does not do is remove fat from your body or destroy fat.

This is how it actually works :

It slows the growth rate of fat cells. CLA helps the body by taking the glucose we normally ingest and moving it more quickly and efficiently to muscles cells. Glucose no longer feeds the fat cells. Instead you are now growing and rebuilding the muscle cells. What all this means to you is your fat cells are growing at a much slower rate and your muscle cells are growing at a much faster rate.

Sounds great? Recently mentioned on the Oprah show, CLA One used in conjunction with a sensible diet and exercise will give you a lean and more muscular physique. They have 10 years of research and development along with 1000s of studies backing their findings. No natural or man-made stimulates, like Ephedra, are used in their products and their capsules are processed from safflower oil, which is GMO-free.

Is it safe?

Maybe your next question and the answer is yes. These diet pills have been consumed as a supplement safely since 1996. It has been used by animals in toxicology studies and has shown no negative sides (as with any supplement, if you are pregnant or nursing, consult you physician before taking.). In fact, quite the opposite is true.

The research has indicated it may also help you to maintain healthy triglyceride and cholesterol levels and help you keep a healthy heart and veins. It has also shown some promising signs of being an anti-cancer agent.

Because of food processing techniques, most of the natural amounts of conjugated linoleic acid in food is lost. This means you would have to eat 50 slices of cheese and 6 pounds of steak a day in order to get the suggested daily amount. The suggested amount to take is one 1000mg capsule two or three times a day. You can purchase Conjugated Linoleic Acid pills at pharmacies, grocery stores, health food stores and at online merchants.

Unlike many other diet products that just talk about weight loss, CLA One takes into account your body composition (body fat to muscle ratio), making sure you maintain your muscle and only lose fat, giving you a fabulous, toned body.

You should begin to see results in six to eight weeks.

Just like any other weight loss product, check with your physician before using it, to ensure it does not react with any other prescriptions or medication you may be taking.

Ken Black is the owner of Weight Loss Discovery, a website with lots of information about healthy weight loss programs, tips and Weight Loss Supplements.