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Consider This When Planning An Exciting Alaska Vacation

Have you ever wondered about taking the family to Alaska on vacation? Although Alaska is part of the United States, and this may at first seem like a very tame location to visit, a closer look will reveal that Alaska is a place of its own, with a range of attractions, activities, and events for those who come to see this vast, exciting region.

If you are planning to take children or elderly relatives along, you will want to plan your trip accordingly. For example, Alaska offers many wonderful wilderness experiences on rivers, lakes, and even glaciers, and most of these are accessible to people of any age. But it would be a good idea to find out in advance so everyone will be prepared.

There are many ways to get to Alaska, depending on where you live. Air travel is available to the major cities like Fairbanks, Anchorage, and Juneau, as well as some of the smaller villages. Several steamship cruise lines offer Alaska getaway packages that last anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks. Of course, you will need to book travel to the port of departure first, and then schedule your cruise from there. Canada boasts an exciting array of train trips that can get you to Alaska from many different locations. The scenery is breath taking! Car travel is another possibility, again depending on your point of departure. Be sure to get up-to-date maps and heed all weather and wildlife warnings.

You can take in many types of culture in the urban areas, such as native art museums, since Native American tribes people have inhabited the area for centuries. There are zoos that offer close-ups of Alaskan animal and bird species, and aquariums filled with samples of sea creatures from surrounding lakes, rivers, and the seacoast. A bevy of dining experiences beckon from the resort and less-traveled areas. You can find many kinds of cuisine, from European to Asian dishes, so take your appetite along.

For the truly adventurous in heart, you can even sign up for a dog sled trip, accompanied by an experienced guide. Climb a glacier, hike a forest, or canoe across a pristine lake. If you bring the kids, though, you may need to take a few extra precautions, so call ahead. Many attractions, even the more rigorous ones, are handicap accessible. You will want to know in advance, though, in case some aren’t, so you can find something fun for Mom and Dad to do while you tour the great outdoors.

If you decide to drive to the outlying areas, take along extra fuel and water since there aren’t many rest stops or convenience stores between smaller towns. You may want to check with the highway patrol or a park ranger, if that’s where you’re headed, to inquire about weather and road conditions.

Then pack up the family and have fun!

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