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Cosmetic Dentistry Is Becoming Increasingly Popular

There is a growing interest in cosmetic dentistry. Improved techniques and a graying population have raised interest in this branch of medicine. Basically, this branch of dentistry changes the appearance of one or more teeth. Cosmetic dentists use advanced materials and restorative techniques to improve the aesthetics of a smile. Only qualified dentists should be sought for this service.

Experience and training is required for this specialization. What can be achieved depends on the state of the subject. Expenses are determined by what is sought and which procedure is used for the desired result.

Available options are not few. Most common methods target the way someone smiles. A temporary smile brace can be used by those who want to try out what the final result will look like.

Whitening is perhaps the most commonly sought remedy. Discoloration due to aging, drinking and smoking may be removed through different whitening methods. Dental professionals use whitening techniques that are more durable. Professional treatment is done in the office or supplies a remedy to be applied at home. In the office, a whitening agent is chemically activated. The home treatment is constituted of daily use of a whitening compound on teeth for some weeks. Both results may last up to 6 months.

A versatile method is the use of porcelain veneers to correct different types of dental problems. Veneers are porcelain pieces that are shaped and colored to suit regular teeth. They are cemented to the tooth surface by a binding agent. They may last for 20 years with due care.

Generally teeth maybe straightened using two techniques. One alternative is cosmetic alteration. Another approach uses orthodontics to change teeth with the use of braces. Teeth are straightened for children by the use of braces. However, adults may also be provided with braces to fix irregular teeth. This can help to prevent gum disease and tooth decay. Cosmetic alterations use veneers. Gums may also be reshaped with a surgical device in order to match the shapes of applied veneers. This remedy could last 5 years.

Fillings may also be used for fixing damaged teeth. While veneers might be more durable, filling could still last for fifteen years provided there is proper maintenance. To cap chipped or broken teeth, crowns can be a permanent remedy. Bridges can be used for fixing gaps of single or multiple teeth. Typically, a bridge is made of metal and is anchored by hollow crowns placed on implants or adjacent teeth. Adjacent teeth that are used for anchors must be shaved to permit the placement of a bridge. Hollowed crowns fit onto to the shaved teeth. If kept properly, bridges could last for fifteen years.

Dentists have also developed a smile lift to reshape drooping mouths. This drooping tends to happen with aging. Older people may want to try this option. Here tips on the side of teeth are shaped outwards to roll up the lip border. This lip border is described by dentists as a vermillion border. With these and other new techniques, people have different ways to change their smiles using cosmetic dentistry.

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