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Cosmetic Surgery to Correct Basic Shape and Form Defects

Many women are dissatisfied with the shape or size of their breasts for one reason or another. If you are thinking along the lines of having cosmetic surgery for your problem, remember that some size and shape differences are normal and while breast implants will increase the size, they won’t correct basic shape and form defects. It is possible to have other forms of corrective surgery for that.

The breast implant operation is carried out under general anaesthetic and involves the insertion of the implant by means of a small incision under the breast, the armpit or even the belly-button area. The implant is made of silicone that is filled with a saline solution. The shape is based on the individual needs of the patient.

Cosmetic surgery can also be used to correct Gynecomastia, a condition affecting 40/60 percent of men in the USA, where fatty deposits due usually to an inherited factor cause enlarged breasts. This is called Liposculpture surgery and is a fairly recent development that will restore a thinner, more masculine contour to the chest.

After surgery the patient must wear a snug-fitting garment for several weeks. This will minimize bruising and swelling and help the skin to shrink more quickly. Return to work varies depending on the job. Office workers can return sooner than those doing more physically challenging work.

Whether you body has succumbed to the forces of gravity, or whether your shape is due to a diet too high in saturated fats, a tummy tuck might be just what you need. But don’t make the decision too lightly. Tummy tucks might sound simple and easy, but any operation that requires a general anaesthetic should be considered serious. For this reason, never be afraid to ask about your surgeon’s qualifications and experience.

Basically, a skilled professional trained in this field, excises folds of loose skin and fat, having previously marked the areas to be cut out. Slack muscles are then tightened before the operation is complete. The incision is usually made along the bikini line; the skin is pulled down and afterwards secured with several rows of sutures to minimize scarring. Fat may be harvested at the same time and frozen for use in a future Lipo-suction operation. This possibility should be discussed with the surgeon beforehand.

Other operations to remove sagging skin can be carried out on the thighs, upper arms and neck area. Face-lifts can be used to remove wrinkles and lift sagging areas and scarring is usually minimal, but if indulged in too often, the whole face can become a ghastly caricature of what Mother Nature intended.

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