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Cosmopolitan Metropolis and Modern City

Dusseldorf got its start as a settlement on the right bank of the Rhine, but today it is spread out on both sides. The modern, commercial, and industrial part on the left and the older part on the right. Five bridges connect the two sections, the most impressive is the Oberkassel. Parks and esplanades line the riverbanks. After 85 percent of the right bank was destroyed in World War II. Dusseldorf followed a modern trend in reconstruction, and today it is the most elegant metropolis in the Rhine Valley.

The former steel city developed into a cosmopolitan metropolis and modern, acquiring renown all across Europe as an innovative location for technological development. But the biggest city in the Ruhr Valley is also known for a wide range of possibilities in the cultural and sporting sector, with extensive greens and a high quality of life.

A new airport train station with direct ICE, IC and Inter Region services means you can swap quickly from plane to train. The free Sky train takes you them terminal right to the station.

The old town or Altstadt is located between the Rhine and Heinrich-Heine-Allee, and is the heart of Dusseldorf. It is dominated by the historic Schlossturm tower, this busy square in the heart of the old town is filled with cafes and restaurants. Sitting here, watching the locals chat, visitors could be mistaken for thinking that they are in Umbri or Tuscany.

The place to go for nightlife in Dusseldorf is the old town. This 8 square meters km of narrow streets and alleyways, between Konigsallee and the Rhine River, is jam-packed with restaurants, discos, art galleries, boutiques, nightclubs, and some 200 song-filled beer taverns. Dusseldorfers refer to a night cruising the old town as an Altstadttbummel.

Is city is high fashion and high prices. Many chic Europeans visit the city just to shop for what is new and hot. The best and trendiest fashions are sold on the opulent east side of the Konigsallee. The two largest concentrations of designer shops are found at the Ko Galerie

The whole city celebrates Midsummer night the longest day of the year. Dusseldorf’s museums and galleries also open until midnight and offer a wide range of special activities for their visitors.

The art loving price elector of Dusseldorf, Johann Wilhelm, reigned from 1679 to 1716, lies buried in this early baroque church. Inside there is a 22 life-size sculptures of the apostles and other biblical figures and fanciful stucco ornamentation in white and gold. The free organ concerts on Sunday afternoon are very popular.

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