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Cost Effective Gardening Tips

Copyright (c) 2011 Jamie Lyons

It has become apparent that people in this day and age would rather spend more time and money concentrating on the interior of the house than the exterior, why?? A well maintained garden will add value to your property, create a visually stimulating environment to sit within and will provide a great source of exercise throughout maintenance.

There is a saying that ‘first impressions count’, and from a perspective buyer / tenants point of view, there has never been a truer word spoken. A well maintained garden will portray the resident in a positive light, give a lasting impression and set a benchmark that hopefully your neighbors will want to surpass – (Nice neighbors are another endearing quality when searching for your ideal home).

In my honest opinion I genuinely think that a beautifully designed and crafted garden creates a positive aura, not just for the resident but also for those around him. I am aware that not everybody can afford their ‘perfect’ garden which is why I have put together some very simple and cheap ideas that can get you started and save you money hiring local companies that can sometimes charge a hefty price.

Water features – All that is really needed here is a weekends worth of elbow grease, a few directions of the internet (How to dig the hole, apply lining etc) and the following materials;

Pond liner – 8 x 10ft This liner is the right size to make a pond approximately 1.5m x 2.1m x 0.45m deep (5ft x 7ft x 18ins deep) One submersible pond pump for use with the biological filter Biological filter Two meters of 20mm corrugated crushproof tubing with hose clips 15w Pond filter lights Blanket Weed and Algae Control

The above materials are extremely easy to install and will give you a lit feature with the option of adding fish and various other pond features, all for an extremely low cost. The above items can be found using any of the major search engines.

Potted plants / artificial plants – These plants can be used to add a vibrant color scheme to an otherwise plain garden as well as highlighting various features throughout or to cover an otherwise unsightly area.

Pergolas – Pergolas add a graceful, stylistic, comfortable and architectural character to your home. There are literally thousands of companies that stock these items at competitive prices and, with some decent research, a bargain will definitely be found, one that has the potential of adding thousands in value onto your home. An English mans home is his castle, and what better place to end on than the garden. The above ideas are a few of many ways to improve your garden and bring out the budding gardener within.

Written on behalf of Branching out – Landscaping Manchester Manchesters premiere landscape gardening company