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Could Personal Injury Training Move Your Firm Up The Legal Ladder?

Copyright (c) 2011 Sue Richardson

Nowadays there is simply a staggering amount of law firms competing for the same clients. The Internet and other modern technologies have helped to erase the geographical boundaries that once dictated the range of law firms, and have led to a situation in which where you’re based is not as important as what you can offer people.

So, in an age where people have such a huge amount of choice about the law firms they use, you need to make sure that you are offering them what they want.

Personal injury claims – a growing market.

Today, the demand for personal injury solicitors is sky-high. Every day people are injured in accidents on the roads, at work and in public places. The public is well aware that they are entitled to claim compensation for such accidents that are not their fault, and so they look to law firms who specialise in personal injury claims to help them get the compensation they deserve and, in the case of serious injuries, desperately need. If your firm does not have the skills and expertise to assist with and process such claims, you’re potentially missing out on a huge share of the market.

By incorporating personal injury law into your company’s offerings, you can substantially increase your client base, providing additional security for your firm and its staff during these times of economic uncertainty.

As with anything, such expansion requires an initial investment in the form of personal injury training for some or all of your legal staff. But this is an investment that will pay for itself many times over, and help to secure your position in a competitive marketplace.

Types of personal injury training.

There are a number of different areas of personal injury law, and you may choose to specialise in one or more of these, or to offer a service to clients which is as broad as possible and covers all of these. Key areas include:

* Road traffic accidents;

* Accidents at work;

* Trips and falls;

* Medical negligence;

* Industrial diseases and injuries;

Some training courses focus on specific types of personal injury, while others encompass the whole spectrum of personal injury claims. It’s easy to see that even if you only train a few of your staff to deal with a number of these types you can effectively increase both your client base and your earning potential.

Alternatively if your firm has been underperforming of late, you might even consider repositioning yourself in the market by offering a full and comprehensive personal injury claims service covering all these areas. After sending your team to get in-depth personal injury training, you might find that a newspaper ad here and a radio ad there revitalises your business.

Whatever the size and scale of your law firm, if you’re not able to offer clients assistance with their personal injury claims then you’re losing out on business. Personal injury legal training can help you to make sure your tapping into this lucrative and rewarding area of the law.

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