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Counselling – Why Women Discuss Awful News

One thing about women that genuinely makes men scratch their heads: their strong enthusiasm to share awful news. This is viewed by a lot of men as outrageous and they usually take exception to this sort of conduct.

Men see this type of sharing as often times risky to both them and their family members. Males attempt to protect against this kind of action because they worry about being rejected for insufficient understanding.

For many men, the talking about of undesirable news with folks who they’re close to is an admission of failure, or lack of ability to get over problems. As you may have already established, women usually view this kind of circumstance from a very different viewpoint.

A lot of women reveal bad news not for the purpose of enjoying it, but for the aim of realting closely with one other person. The process of revealing the awful news makes it possible for them to be seen and therefore to get rid of feelings of solitude. A good counselor will tell you that a woman’s ability to get rid of feelings of seclusion is important to her overall health and wellbeing, which spreads throughout all areas of her life.

Women share bad news because from their mindset, it’s a lot better than not talking about any news at all. The problem comes up when they start revealing awful news with their man and he does not fully understand what she is trying to achieve. Men frequently think that the women are complaining to them and that they need to do something to resolve the situation.

If a man is tired, then he may very well assume his wife is protesting and complaining over what type of a job he is performing as a life partner. At this stage, he is likely to get defensive and start to draw back and distance himself from his better half. When this transpires, the predicament can decline rapidly for the husband and wife; where they end up accusing one another of poor conduct.

The woman’s objective was to connect with her partner and the subject is often secondary: a mean’s to an end. From the male’s perspective, the issue being talked about is of the greatest significance, not actually the process of connecting with his wife. He is hoping to make a connection with her by helping her address a concern. This is how he has been trained to see his importance in the world we live in: as one who is good at solving problems.

Men incorrectly believe that the issue women are trying to solve is grounded in the subject they have brought up, but that is often not the way it is. Women are normally using a individual matter, in this case: terrible news, as a way to generate intimacy with their mate.

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