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Crappie Fishing Tackle

Because of the nature of Crappie, pretty much any pole will suffice. However, beware as Crappie do not put up an admirable fight like other freshwater fish do. Sometimes, you may not even know that you caught a Crappie unless you are paying close attention. This is the main reason a lightweight pole should be used.

Cane poles are a good option if you are on a small budget. Cane pole sets can be found at just about any department stores fishing department or outdoors store.

Fly rods work in the same manner as cane poles, but they allow you more control over bait placement.

Telescopic poles give you the length to pitch into heavy cover. Telescopic poles can reach lengths up to 16 or 18 feet. This way, if the cover you are fishing is wide, you have more control placing your bait in specific spots. Telescopic rods are also popular because you can collapse them to a much smaller version, allowing you to carry your pole with you. In the event that you decide to stop at the river on the way home, you always have a pole with you.

Live Bait

While your tackle box should contain a number of different types of bait, you should always have a few live bait on hand.

Live bait will only work if that is what the Crappie in your area are eating. You can find out their diets by calling your local parks and wildlife office, visiting their website, or even talking to other fisherman in the area. Once you know what they are eating, match it.

A cast net is a popular way of catching live bait, and will save you money each time you visit the bait shop.

Artificial Bait

There are thousands of types of artificial bait available on the market, one of the most popular being Jigs. Crappie jigs allow diversity as there are endless combinations of color, size, type, and movement.

Jigs are also popular as they do not require you to retie bait on each time you decide to switch or each time you catch a fish.

If you are unsure about the types and colors available, many stores offer crappie fishing kits, which include a number of various types and colors.


Like the type of pole you are using, the type of boat in which you are in makes little difference. If you are planning on trolling, it may be a good idea to have a boat with enough room to sustain the amount of poles you are wanting to place in the water. Each pole should be about 8 to 12 inches apart. Do not worry about the line tangling when the crappie take the bait, this rarely happens.

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