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Crappie Lures

When Crappie fishing, you will have a diversified range of bait available. Your choice of bait should largely depend on the situation you are fishing in. Sometimes fish will only bite a certain type of color of bait, while other times they will bite anything that moves a certain way.

Live bait is by far the best bait available for crappie fishing. Crappie will respond to what they eat on a daily basis. While there is no substitution for live bait the most popular artificial bait is by far the crappie jig.

Thousands of varieties of jigs are available. While some fisherman swear by a certain type, color, or size, the smart fisherman’s tackle box contains a variety. Each unique situation you find yourself in should warrant a different type of jig. It is important to do a little research about your area, so you know what types of jigs the Crappie are hitting on.

Different Types of Jigs

Bodies – The body of the jig comes in a variety of types including rubber, plastic, marabou, hair, rubber bands, floss, tinsel, chenille, and many other types of materials.

Tails – The Jig tails are what creates movement and attracts the Crappie. Jig tales come in a wide range, including curly tails, ripple tails, broad tails and triple tails

Heads – The head is more functional then anything else. Not only does the head have to attract the Crappie (usually by color) but it is also responsible for holding the fishing line, and directing the rest of the jig. Lead heads, floating heads, diving heads and standing heads are just a few types of Jig heads available.

Colors – Fish actually decide what they want to eat by smell and sight. Picking the right color for the situation you are in is essential if you want to catch Crappie. Red, blue, silver, pink, orange, white, green, and clear, just to name a few, are available at your local fishing tackle store.

If you are new to Crappie fishing, or if you are just simply having issues picking from the wide range of Jigs available, you may want to consider purchasing a kit. Kits are typically available anywhere other types of fishing tackle are sold. Kits provide you with several colors, size, shapes, and types. This way, you can try out each type and see what works best for you. Once you have decided on the types you like, you can go back to the store and buy that specific type or color.

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