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Crappie Night Fishing

Catching Crappie at night can offer several advantages to fisherman. During the summer, you will not have to worry about the hot sun beaming down on you risking sunburn, it is cooler, the Crappie are actually more shallow, and All the day fisherman are nestled safely in their beds at home. If you are properly prepared, when morning comes, you may have a live well full of Crappie.

The only negative issues arising from fishing at night is the fact that it is, indeed, dark, and you may need to use a light of some sort. The light you use may cause a swarm of bugs, especially in the summer. However, these obstacles are small compared to the advantages.

Getting Ready For A Night Trip

You should start getting your boat ready for the night trip while the sun is still up. This will ensure that you have everything you need before venturing out. Follow these few simple steps to ensure you night trip will be a success.

1) Move all gear and tackle that will not be used either off the boat or completely out of the way. You would be surprised by how little you will be able to see at times, and you do not want to be tripping over anything.
2) Start charging any batteries you will be using early. This way, you will be sure you have a full charge by the time you leave. Make sure to pay close attention to your boats battery, as a low battery at night will cause many more problems then during the day.
3) Make a checklist of all the items you will need, and check off each item as you place it on your boat. Your checklist should include items such as plenty of flashlights with extra charged batteries, bug spray (your light will attract bugs), any drinks or snacks you need, safety items (A whistle, life jackets, flares, etc), and type of tackle that you will need.
4) Hook you boat up and have it ready to go. Attaching your boat to your truck at night may be an adventure you do not want to go through.

Optional Equipment

A few types of equipment, though not necessary, may improve your night trip experience.

Bugs will be an issue at night, especially during the summer. Instead of using a typical lantern or light, you may want to consider investing in a black light or red light. These light put out a substantial amount of light, without attracting nearly as many bugs. Lanterns that burn are not recommended for fishing on boats, as it presents many unseen dangers. If you prefer a lantern, a battery powered lantern may be a better idea.

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