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Create And Enjoy A Hummingbird Paradise

The North American continent is known for its hummingbirds. Whether it’s the ruby-throated hummingbird found in the eastern portion of the continent or the 10 or so species found in the west, hummingbirds are a treat just about everyone in North America can be assured of seeing at some point in their lifetimes. For those who want to make a serious hobby out of watching these little fliers, hummingbird feeders are key.

While it’s true attracting these amazing little creatures isn’t very difficult, there are ways to better ensure success. Just like any smart animal, these little flappers are thrilled with a free meal and they don’t mind singing for it either. But if a feeder isn’t to their liking, they might not return or even land in the first place.

Bird watching, for hummers and others, is a popular pastime in the United States. With more than 800 species of birds available to watch in North America alone it’s little surprise. In fact, it’s believed that 51 million Americans enjoy the hobby to one extent or another.

Getting started watching birds is a pretty simple proposition, too. Just open your eyes! The critters are everywhere. In backyards, parks, along roadsides, in wild settings, zoos and beyond, witnessing majesty in flight is one of the easiest hobbies to get going.

If creating a backyard humming bird paradise is your desire, this is also a pretty easy proposition. Humming birds are attracted to a number of things and since they are so prevalent in the United States, it shouldn’t be difficult to create a mecca for the little fliers in a backyard of any size.

Here are some basics for attracting the birds into your yard:

Paint the town red, or at least the backyard. Hummingbirds are very attracted to anything that’s red. Buy a red feeder, a red birdbath or simply paint something in the backyard bright red. When choosing a feeder, go with those that are recommended for hummingbirds and take care to choose one that’s red in color.

Go with red flowers in your gardening scheme, tubular ones are the best, especially those that are known for their abundance of nectar.

Group flowers together in the garden. Have large patches of hummingbird attractors in a single location.

Leave old fruits outdoors to attract fruit flies. These other little fliers are favorite foods for the humming bird and where there’s food, there will be hummingbirds.

Keep plants misted with water, hummingbirds enjoy wet leaves on plants.

Create a perching area out of a bush or tree.

Concoct your own nectar using sugar water. Don’t add anything but sugar and water to the mix, even red food coloring. Or buy specialized hummingbird food, but remember the feeder first must attract the little birds, so think red!

While it’s not likely you’ll be an instant destination for hummingbirds, some careful planning of a backyard set up to attract them is likely to pay off in North America. These little birds are prevalent and easy to attract if the scheme is solid.

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