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Create Sizzling Attraction In 5 Minutes With This Technique

Yes, within only a few short minutes of meeting a woman you could create the necessary attraction. It could take as little as five minutes that is if you are using the right approach. Answer this question: Are you a “nice guy” or a “bad boy”? Which one do you consider yourself to be? Your answer to this question is more than likely the determinant of either your success with women or, unfortunately, your seemingly less than successful attempts at meeting women.

In short, the nice guy and the bad guy differ based on two factors, specifically their perspective on life and how they interact, converse with and treat women when they first meet them. With this difference, the bad boys tend to be the ones attracting the women and often making it home with them. At this point, you are probably asking why this works and how to do it.

Here are a few tips…

Ever heard of the “Alpha Male” personality? Well, this basically sums of the bad boy approach. They portray a strong personality, confidence and an attitude of not really caring about the outcome of their first conversation with a woman. Basically, their attitude suggests to the woman that she can either “take it or leave it,” as it doesn’t really matter to him. This may not be the case, and probably isn’t, but she really cannot know this at this point.

On the contrary, nice guys tend to be far too agreeable with everything things she says and portray a more passive personality. They tend to make it far too obvious that they really do care about the outcome and, indeed, hope they will be successful. With this approach, the nice guy presents no pursuit on her part because she does not need to work for their attention. She already has it and more! The nice guy is predictable and, generally, On the other hand, the nice guy is agreeable with everything the woman says and has a more passive personality, for lack of a better word. The nice guy is too predictable and, generally, a bit dull and less than intriguing.

So, if you are ready to attract more women like the bad boy type, you must learn the Alpha Male personality. For those of you who are a nice guy by nature, you probably think this is harder than it is and will be quite a challenge.

Well, the simple technique called “disconnector” is a great place to start. With this technique, you won’t have to act like too much of a jerk which will likely be a relief and not so out of your element. Basically, the disconnector requires you to intentionally disagree with some of what she says. This works for a couple reasons and, mostly, because it shows you are confident enough to express your opinion and not afraid to disagree.

You may notice some slight dissention and tension, but do not worry. This is a positive tension which she will likely take as somewhat of a challenge. By simply disagreeing occasionally throughout the conversation, you reflect more of the confident, Alpha Male personality. Hence, she will be far more attracted to you and probably subconsciously appreciate the change from the nice guys she is used to.

However, avoid being overtly argumentative. You do not want this technique to backfire and turn her off. Look for those few topics about which you do have a strong opinion and focus on those. Do not attack every statement she makes.

Go for a combination of playful, intriguing and cocky-funny demonstrate the strong personality of a bad boy. Manage the technique well and you can become a man capable of building attraction within the first five minutes.

There is no harm in trying. So, go ahead and let go of the nice guy!

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