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Cruising From Sydney To Melbourne In A Motorhome!

Getting from Sydney to Melbourne can be done via two major highways, the Highway 1 (Princess Highway) and the inland Hume Highway. The principal difference between the two paths comprises of the number of kilometers, (the Princess Highway has over one thousand kilometers, while the inland Hume Highway has a little less than nine hundred kilometers). It is necessary to underline the fact that the constructions of expressways, bypasses and road changes can affect the aforementioned distances. The following guide focuses on presenting both routes and will let the reader decide upon which highway is the best choice for his Austrian cruise via the motorhome.

As you have probably guessed, the Hume Highway is named after the famous explorer who pioneered the road between Sydney and Melbourne in 1824. This route is usually the ideal choice for tourists who have already been to Australia and like to get to Melbourne fast. In short, the inland highway is recommended for travelers who want to reach their destination quickly and perhaps even to discover a few attractions along the way. On the other hand, first-time visitors who want to catch a glimpse of the spectacular Australian countryside should take the Princess Highway route.

By taking the Highway 1 route, you can be sure to see most of the attractions found on the South-Eastern cost of Australia. Essentially, this route is designed to be circular and leaves planning side trips to the tourists’ discretion. Immediately as you leave Sidney outskirts, you will pass the Royal National Park, visit the coastal Australian regions of New South Wales South Coast, check out the world’s whitest bleaches in Jervis Bay (by detouring south from Nowra) and get to see the scenic fishing regions all the way to Victoria. After you passed the East rim of Victoria, drive West to reach Melbourne or make a small detour to check out the penguin parade of Phillip Island.

The hardest part of getting to the Hume Highway is driving out of Sidney. A simple trick to make sure you are heading in the right direction is to watch the traffic signs indicating the turn for Highway 31 (or Hume Highway) or Liverpool. You will know you have reached the highway once you get to the intersection of Parramatta Rd and Liverpool Rd. It is important to note that until you reach the aforementioned crossroad, the highways is considered part of the Sydney Metroads Network and is referred to as M7. Therefore, if you want to get out of the metropolitan area, veer left and follow the signs indicating Canberra or Campbelltown.

The Sydney – Melbourne route via the Hume Highway has three noteworthy attractions. The first one is the Southern Highlands where you can visit the Don Bradman Museum and where the famous Tulip Time Festival is held annually. Gungadai and the famous Dog on the Tuckerbox are another attraction that you should not miss while on Hume Highway. Lastly, a third interesting location to visit is Glenrowan, which is the place where Ned Kelly was captured, trialed and convicted to death.

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