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Cure Acid Reflux at Cheaper Cost Price with Generic Prevacid

Heartburn, acid reflux, indigestion or GERD are the conditions that impact an individuals health largely. It causes grief, depression and heartache. It is necessary to understand its symptoms and consult a doctor immediately to avoid any further damage. There are many individuals who are ready to bring a change in their lifestyle whereas there are others who do not even consider making a lifestyle change. This makes the health conditions severe and crucial in the long run. Therefore, timely cure is required. So, drugs such as Generic Prevacid are popular and effective ones which helps in getting rid of heartburn and indigestion.

One of the most common symptoms of acid reflux disease is heartburn along with many others such as chest pain, abdominal pain. As they say, cure starts at home, so you need to be cautious of the products you consume such as spicy foods, tomato products, citrus foods, onions, caffeine along with avoiding smoking, drinking and taking stress. It is always recommended that you consult your doctor before taking the treatment of heartburn drug such as prevacid. Doctor would be able to guide you properly about your health conditions and advise you the dosage accordingly. This way you can also keep a track on your treatment and the process of it. Out of the three kinds of heartburn medications; antacids, H2-blockers and PPIs; prevacid is PPIs kind of drug which decreases acid by almost 90% in the human body.

Prevacid is also available over the counter but people prefer buying it through online pharmacies as it comes at a much cheap price. The price might be less but the effectiveness of the drug is no less than the generic version of the drug is also available at all the leading online stores at low rates. These provide the same effect to the patients, therefore, the doctors too prescribe them to patients. Many patients are not able to afford costly drugs, for them generic prevacid is a good substitute. Prevacid can be taken once a day along with water orally. It has been approved by the FDA.

Generic Prevacid is also known by the name of lansoprazole. The active ingredient present in both the drug versions (brand name& generic) is the same which is the reason why there is no difference in the effect of both the drugs. Online pharmacies offer many services and discounts to the interested customers. These services include free consultation with the online doctors, free shipping and free delivery of products at the customer’s footsteps. This makes the customer at ease and comfortable. All you need to ensure is that the pharmacy you are buying the drugs from is reliable, certified and licensed. Other than this, you need not be worried about anything about the pharmacy or the genuinity of the product.

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