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Custom Music Boxes – Tips for Creating Unique Music Box

Music boxes always make very pleasant gifts, and if you create a custom music box specifically for the occasion, if will make a very special gift. Here are a few ideas for custom made boxes.

Most custom music boxes are made for special occasions. A unique music box will make a perfect gift for a wedding, birthday or anniversary. All of them are excellent gifts, but nothing can beat a custom box made especially for the occasion.

Custom Music Box Suggestions

You can always personalize your gift. If your friend has a birthday, engrave or print a picture of him or her on the lid. You can also add several lines of poetry or write your personal wishes. And for the melody use the tune that your friend likes the most. Custom music box can be made to play any tune you want. If you are going for a dancing figure box, why not give the figure the face of the celebrant? This will surely be the most imaginative gift your friend has ever received.

Wedding custom music boxes

If you are ordering a box for your friends wedding, it is a good idea to make it a big one. Every couple has many memorable things left from the wedding – wedding invitations, a copy of the wedding vows, and favorite pictures of the couple. It will be very nice to store all these things in a specially designed music box.

Anniversary music boxes

Custom music boxes also make nice gifts for anniversaries. To decorate it use wedding pictures of the couple, as well as pictures of their life together and their kids. The best way to do this is to create a collage which goes on the lid. If you have many pictures, they can decorate music box walls too. For a tune try to locate songs from their wedding, this is guaranteed to bring happy memories.

Unique baby music boxes

When a baby is about to arrive, many people give new parents baby music boxes as gifts. A custom baby music box will be very welcome. The design should obviously reflect the fact that the box is intended for a baby. For example, it can feature a sleeping child in the crib complete with a lullaby as your tune.

Special occasion custom music boxes make wonderful gifts. And a box that is designed by you will be truly unique. Of course it might cost you a little more, than buying a manufactured music box. But only by creating your own, you can have a truly unique music box.

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