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Customer Service is the Key to Choosing the Best TV Provider

Everybody seems to think that the art of customer service is dead. I admit that may be true in many circumstances, however, I have found it is still an important consideration when choosing the best TV provider. I recently purchased for my family our first high definition television and along with it we needed to upgrade our TV package to something that took full advantage of the awesome piece of technology that was hanging on the living room wall. So began my quest to find the best TV provider for my family.

I could have simply upgraded whatever service I was with before I bought the new TV, but I thought why not see what else is out there. Now for the most part our previous provider was decent. We had been with them for many years and they provided my family and I with some wonderful television memories. I had noticed, however, that their customer service levels were not as high as they once were. Anytime I called, I would be sent from one recording to another, menu after menu, just hoping for the chance to push 1 for a customer service agent. There has to be a better way.

The look for a complete customer service experience began. I am computer literate, so I logged on to a couple of different sites that had forums where people would discuss who is the best TV provider. After reading for a bit I decided that what I wanted was the whole customer service experience. I no longer just wanted to rely on customer service phone lines to resolve my issues. After spending some time reading the forums, I discovered some of them were actually run by the providers. I could trust I was finding the best answers to my questions without spending an hour on the phone listening to “hold” music. There was even advice from other customers on what they found to be the best packages for families.

A separate aspect to customer service in this age of technology is prompt and personal email responses. A recent and very frustrating encounter with customer service involved tech support on a brand new computer I purchased. I took a good chunk of my time to write a detailed email describing my issue only to get a automated reply that sent me links based on keywords their system searched for in the text of my email. How frustrating is that? The reason I wrote the email was because I couldn’t resolve the issue using the information on the website. I really want a TV provider that can add a personal touch to their email service.

It can all come down to the customer service you receive. I’m happy to let you know that when I called to order my new service, our new provider was delightful to work with. If this is any indication of the service I will receive, I am confident this is the best TV provider for my family.

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