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Cute Model HTC T7373 Touch Pro2

The HTC Touch Pro2 couples the powerful versatility of HTC other business oriented devices and couples it with a stylish and smooth design. HTC Touch Pro2 treats your calls with as much care and attention as your messages. The Touch Pro2 is equipped with a spacious keyboard that makes it breeze to get your message out. But when written word is not enough, it only takes one touch to respond to an email with the urgency of a phone call.

Get Serious about Communication. Designed for business professionals, the HTC Touch Pro2 is architected with distinct style and strength while delivering the most powerful productivity experience available on a mobile phone. Leveraging HTC T7373 Touch Pro 2 people-centric communication and Push Internet technology, the Touch Pro2 features a high-resolution 3.6 – inch widescreen VGA display for an expanded viewing area and large finger-friendly QWERTY keyboard. With improved battery life, expandable memory, a touch – sensitive zoom bar as well as gravity, proximity and ambient light sensors, the Touch Pro2 is optimized for touch as well as heavy email use.

HTC T7373 Touch pro2 Main camera 3.2 megapixel color camera with auto focus, Second camera VGA CMOS color camera, HTC T7373 Touch Pro 2 Straight Talk makes communication more natural, intuitive and effective. It is a way to seamlessly transit from email to a single or multi-party calls as well as a flawless means to complete conference bridge calls. The innovation is completed by dual microphone and speakers that turn your mobile into a professional quality speakerphone by the simple action of placing your phone face down on the table.

In addition to the new simplified calling experience, Straight Talk includes an innovative mechanical and acoustic design that features a sophisticated speakerphone experience similar to those found in corporate boardrooms. Straight Talk delivers a high-fidelity voice and sound experience enhanced by asymmetric speakers and advanced noise suppression with full duplex acoustics. When the Touch Pro2 is flipped over it automatically turns into a conference room speakerphone system. Nothing ruins a conference call faster than not being able to hear what is said, or make yourself heard. The HTC Touch Pro2 puts crystal clear sound quality and voice reception at the core of its design. In fact, it is a palm size professional conference phone with a loudspeaker and dedicated noise-canceling microphone that delivers superior quality conference calls. For more details visit

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