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Dates Are Like Candies

For those who are prepping up for their first date, here are some simple advices that I could share with you. First, do not be nervous. Relax you are more capable of thinking and making better decisions when you are relaxed and calm. Next is ask yourself if you are actually ready for a date; if you can handle yourself on a date.

Think of your date and decide if he will be worth your time and effort and if you can trust him in such situations. I know you two are not going to die but you are just being careful. Take note, it is your first and I am pretty sure you do not want to blow it. If you are sure of your decision then you are off on your first date.

While with your date, remember to act like your not pretending to be quiet when your not. Do not turn into someone you think he wants you to be. Show him who you really are. He asked you out on a date to see who you really are and to get to know you, so it is best that you show him who you really are but not being too comfortable to the point that he gets freaked out already. It is not bad to play some jokes or kid around him. It will make him think that you are not just a bookworm but you also got a sense humor. Do not do the talking.

He is not there to listen. He did not ask you out to just listen. Let him feel that he is free to act himself around you. Make him feel that what he says matters to you also. Compliment him if he looks good. Do not lie. If at one point of your conversation you were offended or something like that, tell him that you did not like that but in a polite way. Do not treat the guy as if he is like your chaperon or your financier just in case he has a thick pocket. Once you do, you will never get another date for the next 6 months or so.

Then on your way home, do not forget to say thanks. Whether you had a wonderful time or not, still say thank you. At least, you did not leave a bad impression on him. Dates are not like candies. Once you are on it, you can not just turn and ditch the person. It will cost like half of your womanhood.

It might cause the beginning of your single life forever. That before buying the candy, you have to choose what you think fits the taste for your hunger. You have to choose wisely whom to date. You ca not just go out on a date every time somebody asks you out. You have to be careful.

It is that happiness and excitement that you will feel before, while and after the date that you will remember every night before going to sleep. So chose the right guy to date.

Rodrigo Rehn is a Relationships Expert, Linux Systems Administrator, Web Programmer, PHP Developer and CEO of FaceRomance online dating for singles.