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Dating Beautiful Women – the First Date With a Sexy Female

Copyright (c) 2009 C Tyler

I have seen it before. Finally a guy lands a date with a very beautiful woman. So far, he has done things right and has built up enough attraction in her eyes for her to want to get to know him better. Sounds like everything is going his way. Only thing is, on this date, he doesn’t keep up the same approach.

He slips back into the old style that he used to use with women and guess what?

The date does not go so well. Suddenly she’s busy when he calls her and he realizes that another date just isn’t going to happen.

This happens all of the time when a man gets to date a sexy woman. He finally has what he wants and he loses it just as quickly as he got it.

Usually it’s due to the fact that he didn’t know how to handle himself on a date with a beautiful woman. Unknown to him, he was doomed from the start.

What should you do when you are on a date with a sexy woman so that you DO get a second and then a third?

For those that do not know, dating a really sexy woman IS a lot different than just an average girl. For one, right off the bat, you are going to have to deal with the fact that other men are going to be checking her out wherever you go. If you get insecure really easily when this happens, then it will show. And she will notice.

You have to be more relaxed and at ease than you would normally be on a first date.

Second, you are probably going to have to fight that natural urge to try and impress her by spending a lot of money on her. It’s only naturally to want to impress a woman and pull out the wallet and the plastic, but you have to remember that this is the same approach that always gets used on her.

Third, you also have to fight the desire to compliment her non-stop, especially on her appearance. Let’s say you opt to take her to a classy restaurant. And she dressed the part, wearing a sexy, but classy outfit. Now, you know that you think she looks good and she knows that you think she looks good. If you tell her this every five minutes, it’s going to get old really quick.

Is there a difference when you date beautiful women?


Can you learn to get past that and do what works to get her hooked on you for a second or a third round?


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