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Dating Fun with Four Conversation Secrets

Do you want a date filled with awkward silence or an evening full of conversation fun? Your conversation abilities will make the difference. Four conversation secrets will put you on the path to dating fun.

Secret #1: Take 3 Minutes to prepare.

Three minutes will unlock your ability to have a great date. Take a moment and mentally come up with four or five conversation topics and four or five conversation questions.

Your topics and questions can include:
-Personal experiences
-Recent events
-News items

Whenever a silent pause creeps up, you zap it. Either ask a question or share one of your topics. This brings up more discussion and more fun. All it takes is three minutes to prepare.

Secret #2: Find connections or things in common.

A fun conversation happens when both parties are talking on a subject they are both interested in. Look for things you both have in common or enjoy talking about.

At first you may not know what you both enjoy talking about. Quickly find this out with three steps:
1.Ask questions.
2.Listen for a connection. The other person may mention they enjoy movies. If you also enjoy movies, take a mental note.
3.Bring out the connection. Ask questions about the connection. Mention that you are also interested in that area.

Friendships are based on connections or things you have in common. As you discover connections, your friendship will deepen and the fun will intensify.

Tip #3: Show interest by asking questions and listening.

Do you want to impress the other person? Do you want to leave a great impression? Do you want to quickly make friends?

There is a simple way. Ask questions and listen. By focusing your spotlight of interest on the other person, they will talk, enjoy the date, and so will you.

A great practice is to count to five after the other person finishes talking. Often they will say more. You will leave a great impression and it will help keep you relaxed.

Tip #4: Relax, enjoy, have fun.

Relax-this is the key to a good date. Don’t feel like you have to force conversations. Just have fun.

Laugh at yourself. Show emotion. This will help break the ice. Many dates will have some awkward moments. Just accept it and keep applying the four secrets.

Instead of focusing on leaving a great impression, focus on applying the four secrets. You will then leave a great impression and have an awesome fun filled date!

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