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Dating When You Are Not At Your Ideal Weight

Obesity is something that is plaguing the world and if you are not at your ideal weight you are not the exception. Even if you are not considered obese you may have a few extra pounds that you would like to shed but that you are having a difficult time taking off.

A lot of people decide that they are not going to date until they are at their ideal weight, and if you are just a few pounds away this may be a great way to motivate yourself, but if you are overweight that doesn’t mean that you should never date!

If you are not at your ideal weight that doesn’t mean that you don’t crave companionship and physical connections with other people. What this means is that you need to put yourself out there as you continue to work on your appearance and your health. You may find that being out and about in the dating world will actually motivate you to keep pushing forward when you would have otherwise given up. Get out there and start dating even if you aren’t where you want to be with your weight.

When you do go out you should be sure that you dress in a manner that is flattering to your body type. You should learn about what clothes can do for you in disguising the less than perfect areas and accentuating the areas of your body that do look good.

When you learn a little bit more about clothes and how they can help you disguise and accentuate your body parts you can choose clothes that will help you feel good about yourself at any weight so you can put your best foot forward while out on your date.

It’s important when you are out not to make all of your topics of conversation about your weight. You can tell the person after some time that you are trying to lose weight, but don’t make this a focal point of your relationship. No one wants to hear all about weight loss or anything of this nature on a first date or even a second or fifth date.

You can let the person know that you want to become more healthy and that your goal is to become more fit, but you should really leave it at that. If you go on and on about it you may find that the other person totally tunes you out and just considers you someone with far too much baggage to consider dating seriously.

If you come across as a confident person when you are dating you are going to be attractive regardless of your current weight. When you make your insecurities obvious on a first date it can be a real turn off and you’ll quickly realize that sharing too much will actually result in a short first date and probably no call for a second date. Put your best foot forward and check your weight loss concerns at the door.

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