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Day Spas for Couples Makes For A Romantic Gift

Most guys, when they think of a romantic gift, probably picture perfume, lingerie, maybe a night out. One of the most romantic gifts possible, a day at the spa for the two of you, probably doesnt even hit most guys radars. Now that the idea is on your radar, in fact, you may be thinking its a really weird idea. But your special lady will think its a great idea, love the fact that you came up with something really creative, and appreciate your thoughtfulness.

And on top of that, you might actually enjoy spending the day at a day spa with your love. Although you may not think of a day of pampering when you list activities youd like to do, going as a couple and receiving the ultimate pampering may convince you otherwise.

When you choose a spa for your day, ask if they have a couples room, or if you can be in the room together for some of your treatments. Many spas offer couples packages, and may allow you to spend the entire pampering session together.

Sign up for the whole spa treatment, including the facial, massage and manicure. You’ll be surprised how great your face feels once its been thoroughly scrubbed and moisturized, and you’ll look even better than when you went in. Plus, your beloved is sure to want a facial, so book yourself in for one, as well.

As for the massage, you’ll be fully covered and the massage is very impersonal, while extremely soothing. If there’s a body scrub and shower option before the massage, definitely book both of you for that; you’ll feel tingly and exhilarated after your body scrub, and the massage will relax you and loosen all your muscles.

When you leave the day spa, you’ll both feel healthier, having had the facial and body scrub and having your muscles relaxed in the massage. You’ll feel great, and probably want to go home and rest your newly relaxed muscles and just hang out.

You’ll feel closer as a couple, because you have made the effort to connect with her and do something special, and because you’ll both feel relaxed and laid back and comfortable. You can have a relaxed evening together and enjoy each others company.

One warning, however. If you book a couples day at a spa, be prepared to continue this as a gifting tradition, and even receive spa days as gifts yourself. Relaxing and refreshing as it is, it’s also addictive, in a way, and you may find that a little pampering every few months is important to both of you.

Before you book your couples day at the spa, call around to a few spas and ask what treatments they have and whether they have couples specials. You may even want to visit a few spas and choose the one that you think you will enjoy the most. You’ll want to spend your money wisely, but you also want to find the perfect spa, even if it costs a little more for the two of you than the others.

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