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DermaPro: Botox Alternative and Foundation Set

Women who wear makeup and want to apply a treatment method for wrinkles are limited in the products available. Many products on the market are oil-based. Using these products with foundation can be messy at best. Most products formulated to treat wrinkles are oil based. It can be difficult to apply foundation over products that are oil based. In addition, the oil can eventually seep through the foundation, giving the skin an uneven appearance. Instead of having to go without foundation, women who use foundation should use an alternative treatment.

The good news about DermaPro is that not only allows women who wear foundation to treat their skin for wrinkles, but it actually facilitates better foundation application. It actually prepares the application process to be smoother. DermaPro is an alternative wrinkle treatment for women who use foundation, but it is also a Botox alternative in general. DermaPro works similar to Botox in that it is formulated to relax the muscles so that wrinkles and fine lines become smoother and less visible to the eye. When you apply DermaPro prior to using foundation, your skin will also appear smooth. So, you can treat you skin while looking beautiful. DermaPro goes a step further and actually improves the way your foundation looks.

It takes a powerful product to treat wrinkles. Most products of this type have a particular ingredient that does all the work. In relation to DermaPro, the active ingredient is Thalassine. There are many chemicals available that can smooth skin afflicted with signs of aging. Although the Thalassine in DermaPro works similar to Botox, it is not a toxin. Dermapro is so light that you
can apply it along with a moisturizer, sunscreen and foundation. A 1-ounce bottle of DermaPro costs nearly 100 dollars, which may be considered expensive. However, you won’t use but a minimal amount of the product.

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