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Different Kinds of Bakery Equipment

World of baking goes far beyond wooden spoon and mixing bowl to incorporate all technological equipment to bake delicious, tempting and exotic dishes. A professional baker’s kitchen is much like a carpenter’s workshop with each tool and equipment contributing to one or other part of baking. Some of the equipment are very common and found in all the bakeries while some are specialized equipment and only used in large bakery business or for baking certain particular products. All bakeries have some or other kinds of familiar equipment like oven, mixer, and some kinds of machines that are not typically used in residential purposes just as Sheeter.

Here is the list of the most useful five important bakery equipment used in a commercial bakery:

Bread Slicer: Local bakeries normally supply breads without slicing and in loaves whereas the popular format is sliced bread. As soon as the bread is baked in the oven, it is kept for cooling for one or two hours inside the cooling tunnel and then is sent for slicing either manually or through Spiral Bakery Conveyors. Bread slicers constitute inflated bagging system where the bread is packed either with hands or machines. It constitutes the most useful equipment for bakery as many of these bakery items require bread as a part of their recipe.

Deck Ovens: These ovens are used for all kinds of baking particularly bread. Products are baked faster thus saving your money and time. It is considered as one of the most useful commercialized bakery equipment as it contains many chambers that can bake large quantities of baked products. These ovens come in number of models like Thermal Oil Ovens, Steam Tube Ovens, and Cyclothermic Ovens, with each having their requisite number of chambers so that at a time huge amount of products can be baked.

Dough Sheeters: It is a machine used in kitchens with a main purpose of rolling out many pieces of dough to a thickness according to the requirement. The sheets thus produced have smooth surface. It is useful when larger quantity of dough is to be rolled out for baking products like pastries, pie crusts, pizza crusts, and flatbreads.

Proofers: It is a kind of equipment particularly designed for bakeries. Any baked item before baking passes through proofer like bread, croissants etc. It is made from stainless steel having glass door and is most conducive for heating cupboard. You can find other bakery equipment also in the market and they are Dividers, Spiral Proofer, Planetary Mixers, etc available in different brands.

Automatic Depositors: These depositors are designed in way that can be easily made functional on a workbench and are suitable for broad range of products right from liquid consistencies to heavy paste type products.

These above are just five important bakery equipment used in many bakery businesses but bakery equipment are nonetheless many more. It is very important for you to buy the equipment that meet your baking needs and business requirements, and are branded and new ones. The new equipment as compared to the old ones will last longer.

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