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Different Types of Ducks – Important Tips Before You Start to Raise Ducks

A lot of people identify ducks as barnyard animals. What many people don’t know is that there are different types of ducks that are found in the wild. The general appearance includes stout, small body styles, short bills and distinct webbed feet. Ducks, like swans and geese, are members of the Anatidae family.

Many species are largely monogamous but there are some species that are known to change mates year to year. Most birds can become intensely territorial while there are others which form communities that are called colonies. Migration to warmer regions during winter is common among some species.

There are a lot of different types of ducks, swans, and geese. It is often classified according to their taxonomy.

1. Dabbling Ducks – These type get their food by “dabbling” in shallow waters. They are found near marshy ponds and rivers. Though they have the ability to dive, these ducks are just satisfied to dip their short beaks into the water, swishing to and fro to catch food. There are times that you can catch them leaning forward in the water to a certain extent that only their tail feathers are visible above the water line. This action is also called tipping, which is the other method with which they get their food. Examples of dabblers are mallards and teal ducks.

2. Diving Ducks – Ducks classified as diving ducks include buffleheads, redheads, marbled, and ring-neck ducks. These ducks get their meals by diving into lakes, estuaries, and other fresh bodies of water. They are sometimes seen dabbling or tipping.

3. Whistling Ducks – A very distinct whistling call is how whistlers are identified. They exhibit long necks and legs which make them taller that the other species. They spend longer time in flying within the tropical and subtropical areas.

4. Mandarin Ducks – The Mandarin ducks are one most colorful ducks you can ever find. These ducks can be found around the continent of Asia. Most of these species are farmed or placed in zoos around the world for viewing. This type of duck has long been known to be a Chinese symbol for fidelity.

5. Comb Ducks – These types spend most of their time searching for seeds, small fishes, and grains. They are often drawn to rice farms.

There are a lot more different types of ducks. We have listed just a few here if you are starting to learn how to raise ducks. If there is still a need for you to know the other different types of ducks, you can do a lot of research in the internet for additional information.

If you think you still require more guidance on other different types of ducks, consulting existing duck owners and farmers will certainly be a big help. If you would like to learn more valuable tips about how to raise ducks correctly, please visit: