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Different Types Of Wetsuits Triathlon Wear

When it comes to triathlon wear , there is a wide variety of options on the market. For triathletes, the difference in attire is truly a personal choice.

Although some teams may mandate specific uniforms, the sport is generally individual, allowing each participant to choose his or her desired outfit.

When it comes to triathlon wear , the traditional material is neoprene, the same type used in wetsuits.

This is generally due to chilly water temperatures that can cause you to lose valuable time due to cold shock.

Furthermore, using a wet suit for your triathlon suit allows you to use the item for other sports, including scuba diving or surfing.

There are three main items in triathlon wear : full, sleeveless, and two-piece suits.

Again, the choice is purely personal, as each different competitor enjoys a the feel, protection, and mobility of different suits.

The full suit is a one piece suit that covers arms and legs.

This suit is the best multisport suit and can complete cover the arms and legs completely or only cover the legs to the knees and the arms to the elbows.

Sleeveless suits are a one piece suit that stops coverage at the shoulders, but continues to cover the legs to either the knees or the ankles.

Finally, two-piece suits employ mix and match system for triathlon clothes that can include long or short bottoms with long tops, short tops, or no tops at all.

If you are interested in purchasing a multisport suit, consider the difference in the neoprene.

Suits made for surfing, kayaking, or diving are made from thicker, less movable neoprene that may not be flexible enough for the demanding sport of a triathlon.

Like other clothes , choose a suit that is in the middle of the road to ensure the most usefulness.

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