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Different Ways To Get A Man Back

Splitting up is difficult to do; well it will always be hard for at least one side. If you are a girl who has been told the fateful phrases, “it’s over”, you probably only want to know one thing, how many various ways to get a man back quickly. Not surprisingly, you might be like most who have endured such devastation and not expect to get out from bed quite yet either! Be assured there are many different ways to get a man back, and there are some sure fired approaches to have him forever. Your concern is to understand the difference.

Emotional Hot Buttons

You may not think your guy has any feelings at this time, apart from anger that is, but in reality, men do have psychological hot buttons and finding out how to press them is probably one of the best ways to get a man back. Think back to the things which drew him to you in the first place. Have you been fun loving and sociable or relaxed and introverted? Whatever it was about your qualities that drew your ex to pursue you has to come into play once again.


Regardless of what you could have read in a romance novel or viewed on soap operas, guys do not prefer weak girls. If you are clinging and begging for his affection, it may work for a while however, it will wear thin quickly. Fight the urge to explode his cellphone, tag him on Facebook, and stalk his place of business. Not only are these things liable to get you into legal issues, they will basically push him to the other way.


Are you inclined to show him exactly how desirable you are? Playing the jealousy card is yet another one of those normally recommended ways to get a man back that may fail more times than it will succeed. He may come running back for a second, just to prove he can have you but in the long run your relationship normally still ends. Many times, he will view you with someone new and sense nothing but relief, definitely not what you were trying to accomplish.

Become Better

Very seldom is a split up all on the shoulders of one person. There are two individuals in the bond and generally, both of them had a part to play in the situation. One of the greatest ways to get a man back is to find out where you went wrong and then fix it! Did you become complacent in the romance? Give up on your dreams? Maybe it was something even worse, such as cheating or lies which tore you away from each other but even this isn’t insurmountable. Have you ever noticed that the word impossible actually says I’m possible?

Improve your faults, but do not obviously display this in his face. As you work on yourself and become much better, in whatever area, he will notice this for sure.


Do you want that call or knock on the front door from your ex who all of a sudden recognizes he was mistaken to leave and can’t envision life without you? You can have that fairly soon once you understand and integrate many of the ways to get a man back.

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