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Discover How to Achieve Freedom

Have you noticed it, felt it or witnessed it? All around you lay the “carcasses” of broken dreams. Interesting opening, right? Ready to skip ahead? Not so fast. You see, there is a story of courage in the remains of those “carcasses.” The carcasses… abandoned websites, blogs, lists, etc. Their story can be your saving grace…your business’ freedom song.

The times in which we’re living and leading businesses is giving us an extraordinary opportunity to choose. We get to choose to give up and abandon our dreams, returning to the prickly world we knew was not our calling. Or we get to summon the courage; embrace the truth of what we should do next and achieve the freedom we signed on for.

I truly respect those who have given up, because they have actually embraced their truth. It may be that this was not what they thought the magazines, websites, and marketers told them it would be. It may be that this was a means of expelling their “wonder-lust” and clarifying whether being in a business of their own made sense and “cents” for them. And so now, they are free. (Though we both know that the ember still burns within…just waiting.)

For those of us watching, it can be scary, sure. You wonder, if it happens to them will it happen to me? Personally, I had this very discussion with myself in the midst of this small exodus of business owners that I am witnessing. And what I had to remind myself (and will remind you, as well) is that this is “their” journey, not mine. Everyone has access to the same or similar resources and often more than we can even consume. Yet, the commitment to move forward may be different, but the choice is always the same – we must take action.

Taking action requires courage.

– Getting out of the house and meeting prospects.

– Speaking live or via teleseminar/webinars

– Delivering more value through teaching and educating your market

– Asking, even though they may so no or they might say yes

– Doing something new, being a contrarian, standing out from the crowd

– Getting pissed off and using it to help your client move farther, faster

That kind of action…

You can start with acknowledging that this is the business you’ve chosen, the life you want to have and the joy of serving others. Facing the truth of this means that there are choices to be made…some hard, some easy.

I’ll give you an example. Say you’re in the midst of designing and marketing a program your market is waiting for and a new (or old) contact invites you for “a coffee” (which can be fun). You have a choice. From my perspective, it’s not a difficult one. It’s a courageous one. Choose where to spend your time, wisely.

Not having the courage and facing the truth of what it truly takes to be the founder, president or CEO of your business will impact the kind of freedom you “want” to enjoy. My hope for those whose ember still burns, is that you continue the journey, taking small steps each day, that keep you in the game and strengthens your courage to join us again. For the rest of us, take heart and inspiration in what’s happening. It’s an opportunity and a wake up call to get you focused, organized and in action. Summon the courage, face your truth and the freedom will follow.

Chris Makell, marketing mentor/coach, is particularly skilled at guiding her service professional clients to “Think Big…Play Bigger” and successfully create 6 & 7 figure businesses.
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