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Discover How to Use FREE Reports and How They Can Help You Close Deals with Sellers

What should a free report go? It should answer this questions – “How can we help you?” Obviously we talk about things like we’re very experienced with buying houses. That’s obviously one thing that helps. We can handle the process, we understand the process, and we can help the seller. We can explain it to them and walk them through it.

One advantage we have over other real estate entrepreneurs is we have been in business awhile, we’ve developed relationships with attorneys and title clerks and mortgage lenders and repair contractors and real estate agents. We have all of those connections as part of my business. If you guys have been in the business, you probably have those contacts also.

Ready Made Connections

It helps to know, if you’re thinking about selling a home to somebody, that that person has all those connections ready to go. If you’ve got a newbie who’s never done this before and every single person he has to go find a new person for – it’s nice to know that the guy you’re dealing with already knows the lawyer, already knows the title company, already knows all those people, so the process ought to go much quicker and smoother.

Ability to Do Paperwork

Again, paperwork. You have the ability to do the paperwork. You’ve already got the documents, so you know how to do that. It can be done quickly and fairly. We talk about how we can do things fairly quickly. We give some examples in this free report.

We’ve talked about this before, that if you buy or sell your property through a traditional real estate agent, all the fees and commissions involved, and ultimately what the impact on the price is, and how dealing with us, where there are no real estate agents involved and no commissions, there’s obviously a tremendous savings right off the bat. We explain all that in charts and forms.

How we benefit you is we can buy at a fair price. We can close quickly. We’ve got connections, we’ve got financing options, we are a professional company, and we’re ready to move quickly and get stuff done.


Then the second half of my report is more of a credibility process. We go into some deals that we’ve done. We show before and after pictures. Again, this is part of the credibility process. Are you for real? If I’m skeptical about you and your company, we try to alleviate and address some of that, so we show before and after photos of prior deals.


Then we show testimonials. We’ve already talked about this, and I’ve certainly spent a lot of time with the coaching students that you guys have got to be developing your testimonials. If you’re not doing that, start tomorrow. Make sure you’re asking everybody you know about getting testimonials, and make sure that those testimonials are getting on your free report, on your marketing, and things like that.

They show credibility, they show what’s called social proof, meaning other people also like what you’ve done, and you’ve provided some valuable service. People like to see that other people are happy with you, and that’s classic human nature.


Then the report goes through some other things. It lists out references, at least mine does. I give them references. They can call three or four people, and I would recommend you do the same thing, and allow people to go check you out.

Put down your banker, put down your attorney, your property manager, your insurance agent, your real estate agent – put the names and numbers and emails of these individuals so they can go and check you out if they want. It’ll help alleviate some of their concerns if they can talk to two or three people and those people vouch for you. It does some pre-selling on your behalf.

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