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Discover the Best Patient Lifts

Advancement in technology has permeated every sphere of life and the medical field is not left out of this advancement. There are lots of sophisticated medical equipments that aid patients and those who have physical challenges; especially in the area of mobility. It’s really painstaking for patients to make movement either within or outside their environments. One of the medical equipments that aid patients movement is the patient lifts. And it is good to know that these equipments are quite affordable.

Patient lifts, whether at homes or hospitals aid in patients movement from one point to another thereby availing them some kind of independence and self confidence. A lot of pain and discomfort is taken away from patients as their movements are being aided by lifts.

At homes, patient lifts are used in aiding the movement of patients (the sick and disabled inclusive) and even the age stricken people. These types of lifts are called the indoor stair-lifts. There is also the outdoor type of patient stair-lifts. These lifts can also be re-designed to meet specific needs. The good thing about this medical equipment is that they are very handy and portable.

Patient lifts will be best if it can meet the user’s specific need. Besides, the best lifts for patients should possess the qualities of durability, reliability and weather resistant. Also the quality and type of materials that is composed in a particular set of lifts will determine how good such equipments will be. Generally, the modern types of lifts are more durable and convenient in comparison with the conventional types.

Here’s the list of patient stair-lifts; an individual user can discover the best from among them, depending on what the person’s specific needs are.

– Drive Medical Electrical Patient lift: this lift has a weight capacity of 450Ibs and it is an economy type of lift since it is powered by electricity. It can also be very useful for emergency manual lowering.

– The Invacare Lift: This equipment has a weight of 450Ibs. It uses detachable battery which can be plugged to wall charging station and be charged all night. The two 24 volt batteries are standard and durable.

– Deluxe Power Lifter: Its features are slings that are chain-styled; another option is the 6-point slings. For swift and easy movement, this equipment’s handle has been fashioned ergonomically with three dual casters.

– Advance Patient Lift: this piece weighs 340Ibs and has an easy folding pattern that enhances its portability and storage. The handle is big-sized, this is to gain more control while it is in use.

– Invacare Jasmine Patient Lift: for a swift maneuvering, this piece comes with a push handle, It is powered by battery

The varieties of patient lifts listed above are the very best you can make your selection from. You can decide to go for the economy type that uses electricity or the battery type. They are all safe, convenient, durable and easy to use at all times.

Israel Gamburd is author of this article on Wheelchair Ramps.
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