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Discover The Stunning Beauty And Functionality Of A Superbly Crafted Floor Clock

One of the most important accessories for any home furnishings is a useful yet unique clock. Clocks have been used for centuries, beginning with sundials and have developed into the stunning pieces of artwork that you can find today. Not all clocks are made the same, and there is a colossal difference between a low priced, department store clock that has been mass-produced and uses only the most inexpensive and unreliable movement and features and what you can find online. Just like your furniture and appliances, a clock is an integral part of your home. Therefore, you are going to want a clock that makes a statement about you and your home, as well as telling time.

The timepieces that you can find on the Internet are of the most exemplary quality available today. These clocks for sale online offer their owners not only exemplary movement, but are created from only the highest quality handcrafted wood, bushings, beveled glass, brass and workmanship. One of the most stunning pieces available is a cable driven, triple melody, nine tubular chime movements for this clock. This elegant and stunning piece features a superb array of hardwood and veneers, from 16 different species of wood. Some of the species of wood used to craft this luxurious piece of art are extremely rare.

In addition, the floor clocks for sale online also feature automatic chime shut off as well as other sequential chime options. With superbly crafted, highly polished brass movement, these clocks feature an exquisite Roman numeral dial feature, custom casting and arch ornaments. The swan neck pediment is crowned with three stunningly carved finials, a carved finial shell at the center and two hand carved rosettes. They are matched with superior floral inlays with some of the rarest pieces of wood available.

The base of this incredible clock features only the most exquisite hand carved moldings with a carved floral motif. They are matched with floral inlays of Ebony and Maple accent lines. These clocks also feature the most impressive columns that have been created with carved acanthus moldings, as well as intricately hand carved column caps. With a grand bombe style, beveled glass on the front and sides, these clocks also feature topside doors that allow you to access these storage of the hand crank and key as well as the movement of this impressive and beautiful clock. All of these clocks for sale that are available online, offer only the highest quality in every way. These floor clocks are certain to make a superior statement for any décor, and offer you exemplary quality in return for your investment. All floor clocks for sale online, proffer superb wood finishes, feature adjustable levers to provide the ultimate stability on any type of floor, locking doors for superior security, you are certain to purchase the most spectacular clocks that you can find for sale online. Every clock complies with all UK regulations, so you are assured of finding only the highest quality, most beautiful and functional clocks for sale anywhere.

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