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Disney Cartoons Are Favored Decorations On Girls Backpacks

Spring break is almost is close! I am enthusiastically anticipating taking my family to Orlando to visit Disney World. My daughter just turned 5, so she is at the perfect “Disney Age” when all at Disney will still be magical and pristine. She no longer needs her post lunchtime nap also which means that she will enjoy more at Disney.

Our family is so thrilled for her also. At Christmas, Sally was given so many significant gifts in anticipation of her vacation. Her aunts bought her special clothes. Her uncles bought her Disney videos. But Granny was the real champ! Grandma purchased Sally her very own Minnie Mouse rolling girls backpack.

Before Christmas, Granny and Sally shared many hours shopping at the nearby mall. Granny took Sally to sporting goods stores, outlet stores, craft shops, toy stores and more. While Sally chatted about much of what they saw, the topic she kept going back to was the various girls backpacks that they saw, especially the girls backpacks with Disney characters on them. While shopping they discovered many backpacks for girls that had Disney characters. These backpacks for girls included Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, Tinkerbelle, Mickey Mouse, and, certainly, Minnie Mouse.

Grandma was astonished by the variety of Disney themed girls backpacks. She was affected by how many of these backpacks for girls are built with handles and wheels also. Grandma was really excited, as she recognized the chance to give Sally the chance to help her mommy and daddy by hauling some of her own things she will need when traveling to Orlando.

So, after quizzing Sally concerning all of the girls backpacks that they discovered, she realized that Sally’s preference of all the backpacks for girls was the hot pink Minnie Mouse rolling backpack. Sally’s most preferred color is “hot pink”. For the longest time, all pink shades were “hot pink” to her. regardless this rolling girls backpack was running appoximately $26. Little girls backpacks which have wheels and a handle were unexpectedly inexpensive, as adult editions typically run in the range.

In addition to looking at all the backpacks for girls, Grandma and Sally looked at all the hot pink dresses in the various shops for girls. One of the hot pink dresses had sparkles, just like Tinkerbelle’s. Golly, was this ever a success! So, for Christmas, Grandma not only purchased one of the Minnie Mouse backpacks for girls, but she bought a hot pink dress for Sally to wear on the airplane to Orlando as well.

As if the girls backpack and hot pink dress were not adequate, Granny filled the Minnie Mouse backpack with Disney themed coloring books, crayons, and games that Sally could enjoy during our trip to Orlando. All day Christmas, Sally kept packing and unpacking her Minnie Mouse Girls backpack. At Christmas dinner, she was so much fun, wearing her hot pink dress and pulling her girls backpack around the house.

If you are planning to take your daughter to Disney, I’d enthusiastically suggest purchasing for her one of the Disney themed backpacks for girls with wheels. Of all the girls backpacks out there, this is sure to be a hit! I pray you have several fun memories of your trip to Disney World. Travel safely and have a first-rate experience!

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