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DIY Projects Can Devalue Your Property

Economic hardships cause homeowners to tighten their belts in multiple ways. This is especially true for people who are attempting to sell their property. In a buyer’s economy, sellers are anxiously trying to make their homes stand out, but whenever a shortage on funds causes the property owner to take on projects themselves, they can cause more harm than good and really devalue their home.

Everyone knows that kitchens and bathrooms sell homes. An upgraded kitchen is key to a quick sale at or near asking price. Many choose to, or are even forced to due to financial difficulties, make the upgrades to the kitchen themselves. This can include something as mundane as a applying a fresh coat of paint or as intense as installing new cabinetry. The idea behind upgrading a kitchen is an excellent one, but potential buyers may be put off by poorly executed handiwork or bad choices in style. This could decrease the amount that is offered for the home or, even worse, put off the potential buyers altogether.

Cabinets and counter tops are generally the first choice in the remodelling of a kitchen and are also the most expensive. DIY cabinets are widely available and the ambitious homeowner may decide to take on this task to save some cash. It is vital that the installation is done properly. Cabinets and counter tops can easily be installed off balance or left unsecured. A potential buyer will see this immediately. Equally important to installation is making the right choice with materials. Choosing laminate counter tops to save money is unlikely to equate to an increase in value and choosing a colour that is too bright or trendy is a bad idea. It is best to choose a granite or stone counter top and to go with a neutral colour for both counter tops and cabinets.

Home buyers want new flooring, so replacing any worn linoleum or broken tiles should be an easy fix for most do-it-yourself\’ers. However, a bad installation could equal a costly re-install. Furthermore, a pattern or color that is appealing to the current homeowner may not be appealing to any potential buyers. A neutral tan or grey is the best choice for flooring in the kitchen. Walls also can be redone in a kitchen, but watch for mistakes that can devalue. Choosing wallpaper rather than paint, for instance, is a bad idea. Paint, again, in a neutral tone, will appeal to a wide variety of viewers, and most buyers are willing to repaint a room once they move in if it doesn’t match their tastes directly. Conversely, wallpaper is difficult to remove and many people do not care for it.

Prior to taking on any DIY project, first consider style and the skill needed and correct power tools to get the job done. Even if the homeowner is not planning on selling in the near future, any change to the home should be thought out well in advance. That magenta flooring that so reflects your personal style may have to be removed at great expense someday, otherwise your home may not sell as quickly or at all.

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