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Do Not Sell Your Coaching – Give It Back

n a market where everyone has something to sell, and all of them want you to buy their product or service, it seems to be more and more difficult to decide.
On the other hand, let’s admit that coaching is not about selling something. And when you present yourself as a coach, your potential clients do not want to know what you sell, they want to know what you have to offer. When they have a problem and turn to a coach for help, people expect more than a product, a book or a programme they can buy off the shelf or online. They want leadership, they want someone to inspire and motivate them throughout the entire process. And they are willing to pay a lot for it, as long as you give them what they need.

Once you understand this, you will know that you are the one they are looking for. All you need to do is make yourself visible on the market and make your clients see you have exactly what they need. Most of all, show them that you provide, you do not sell. So show your clients the best of what you’ve got and that will make them decide to work with you.

Give them your value
Do not ever underestimate yourself and do not let anyone see or feel that you are not valuable. Even if you are a beginner, your value comes from what you’ve learned, but most of all, from what you naturally have. You can easily stand out from the crowd if you use all your talents, all your skills, all your assets to create genuine products, programmes and sessions which can help your clients achieve their goals.

Let them know you love your work and your work is very important, and that you do not come cheap because you know your value, your worth, and you know that you can get results in everything you do.

Give your expertise, your speciality
Become an expert in a particular area and the clients will come to you. When they have a problem or a goal, people look for a specialist, not a generalist, so make sure that they know who you are and what you can do for them. Every aspect of your work must demonstrate that you know exactly what their problem is, that you understand them and that you have the right solution for each client.

Offer them your passion
Nowadays, it is getting harder and harder everyday to find people who really love their work, and who do not do it only for the money. So if you really love your coaching (and I’m sure you do!), let others see and feel it! When you enjoy everything you do, it is reflected in every aspect of your work, and your clients and other clients as well will want to work with you, because your passion can be contagious! Your passion can inspire you to create better products and programmes, and will motivate your clients to find the strength to make it through to the end.

Share your own experience
As a coach, you can be an influential role model for your clients. The power of example works every time, and people want proof and facts to back up what you say you can do.

Feel comfortable in sharing your own experiences with them, tell them what steps you had to take, how many times you had to start over or how many situations you were faced with, when you thought you wouldn’t make it through to the end. Let them know where you found the strength to carry on, what motivated and inspired you not to give up and how you became the coach you are today.

This could be the one reason your clients need to hire you. Once they learn that you also had to face difficult times to get where you are today, they will be sure you know what they are going through and you also know what to do to help them reach their goals or solve their problems.

No matter what strategies you decide to use to develop your coaching business, do not forget that you do not need to try to sell them to your clients. First of all, show them that you have something valuable to offer, something they need and want, and then you will also get paid for it. Your clients expect you to take the first step, to give them something they can rely on, and then you will get the results of giving. After all, everything in life is about give and take, and coaching is no exception to the rule.

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