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Do You Have A Spiritual Side? How to Tune Into It

Getting in touch with your spiritual side involves examining your strengths and weaknesses with honesty. This will enable you to develop within, by accepting yourself as unique and capable yet not anxious about your imperfections. It will make you feel comfortable in your own skin.

Spirituality is associated with peace and harmony.

Spiritual people tend to be content and happy in the presence of others and comfortable being with themselves.

Someone with a keen spiritual side is able to handle pretty much anything. They draw strength from any situation or event, in their desire for personal success and for growth and development.

The spiritual person is realistic in life yet optimistic. It is important to get the right balance between your hopes and desires and using your skills and abilities as an opportunity to improve yourself.

Planning ahead and being self-disciplined and persistent in what you want to achieve in your life improves your self-confidence. This in turn helps you find solutions which lead to your success. Avoid negative thoughts and instead think about what you can do rather than what you cannot do – be positive!

So, how can you tell how spiritual you are as a person? The following exercise can help you. If you were to lose your job – would you think – ‘I’ll be unemployed and have no money and will struggle’ or will your think – ‘This is an opportunity for me to do something worthwhile and change direction in my life’?

Finding balance and being positive to situations are key to your success.

In order to fuel your spiritual side, meditation is advised, which can empty your mind and fill it with all kinds of possibilities. Go ahead – give it a try.

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Copyright © 2010 Christina Fields

Copyright © 2010 Christina Fields

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