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Do You Have Lint In Your Belly Button

If someone walked up to me and asked me what the most neglected area on my body is, I would have said my belly button. Let’s face it; there are times we forget to do a good dig in to get the lint out.

Ask that same question to a hair care professional and the answer would be the scalp. Doesn’t sound feasible since we shampoo, condition and style our hair constantly. Ah! Hello, the scalp is underneath the hair. You know the skin.

Think of the scalp as the foundation with a neighborhood of 130,000 or so deeply rooted follicles. These follicles keep hair strands shiny and healthy by distributing oils and nutrients from root to tip.

Our scalps need to be cleaned and exfoliated just like our faces to remove dead skin cells. Our styling products cause build-up. Sebum and pollutants stick to the dead patches, causing hair to look limp and can slow down hair growth or even cause premature hair loss.

Hair care professionals recommend shampooing once a week to remove buildup on the scalp, increase circulation and clear the skin surface so healthier hair can grow through.
Ask your stylist for recommendations on products you can use between salon visits.

My favorite is Uplifting Shampoo by Organic Root Stimulator (Namaste Laboratories). This shampoo is very affordable and can be found at your local beauty product supply stores. The shampoo gently cleans the hair and exfoliates the scalp, while irrigating the hair follicles and imparting strength and moisture.

What I appreciate about the products developed by this company is its dedication to identifying holistic remedies for healing and the renewal of hair.

Sharon Prendergast is the CEO of The BaSIX and Beyond. A manufacturer of luxury personal care items.