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Do You Want Your Kids Reading Publications?

Feeling affection for kids is an enormous and venerable value that must be in every parent or guardian. If we profess that we love them, we will want to educate them at even an early stage in life. But we should note that what they grow to become is what they learn at their tender ages. If we want them to flip over the pages of journals, we are being right to educate them. In educating them, we should look for those journals that will personify the following characteristics.

Magazines that recognize and accept other people as they are and not as they think they should or ought to have been. Publications that denotes sound moral values. The children will want to copy these and that is the type of surrounding that makes them human.

Publications that tell of the truth with precision and accuracy and they have a reliable source of all what they publish. Most of today’s problems are due to the lack of truth among men. The lies tellers were once kids and they might as well have been influenced by what they had also read. Keep in mind that truth is indispensable to every child. Truth is a source of warmth and harmony in the society.

Select for your children publications that that are selective in the words published. Remember that children will want to know any strange words and will want to use these words wherever they think feasible. Publications that use refined words are preferable because there are situations where the wrong words may be used to convey the right message. Any prudent publication should not dodge from using the right words where applicable. For example, there is not a word that you can use to refer to HIV/AIDS rather than the use of the word itself.

Decide on publications that uphold opinion, that always say, “in my opinion’. Avoid opening your children to magazines that force their thoughts on people. A magazine is a paper that you want to read about news and ideas of others. It is not something that you will want to hear people continually telling you of what was, is and will be. Everything of yours can be taken away, but your mind/conscience remains yours. Do not allow your kids to grow up with the notion that whatever they conceive is nothing but the truth.

Above all, select publications with pages that educate your children. They have a right to education. You cannot deny them this right

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