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Does My Business Need to have a Bulk SMS Service?

SMS messaging has the possibility to reach a great target market, there isn’t any denying it with 5.6 billion mobile phone users worldwide. For that reason, organizations now regularly market their business products and services using SMS messages.

Direct promotion, SMS surveys and SMS competitions are some techniques by which this might be achieved. Although, an enterprise must first have ready the infrastructure to conduct the bulk SMS campaign in order to carry out such marketing plan effectively.

Direct promotion – targeted marketing

Businesses can simply dispatch a bulk SMS promotional message through direction promotion. The business could put additional info regarding a product or service provided by them in the message. A url also can be used to direct people towards the company’s website within the message.

Direct promotion through bulk SMS messaging is known as a cost effective technique for targeted marketing as one message can arrive at a great quantity people. Such a message may be sent to all the mobile phone numbers that the company possesses or a more selective strategy could be used.

SMS surveys – promotion through consumer research

SMS surveys provide a two-fold purpose for any firm that distributes them via bulk SMS: consumer research and promotion. Generally, the surveys asks what recent dealings the receiver had with the company and just what the experience was like. This info might be utilized to improve the service available at the company and drive forward company expansion.

However, bulk SMS surveys also offer a promotional function as well. Customers can be left feeling good after having a survey text, as it provides the impression that this business is serious about the opinions individuals have of them. It’s not unknown for a business to offer a competition as a reason for individuals to respond to the survey either.

A reason for reply

Like mentioned earlier, customers are often motivated to respond to bulk sms surveys with the use of incentives along the lines of competitions. However, SMS competitions could be used to further encourage recipient contribution whilst at the same time promoting the interests of the company.

Participants in bulk sms competitions will usually need the recipient to answer a simple question or merely to respond to the message by completing the survey. This approach to marketing means that the company’s products and services remain at the forefront in the mind of the recipient. What’s more, this type of bulk SMS message encourages interaction with the company through the prospect of winning a prize.

You can find hazards associated with the use of bulk SMS messaging, particularly the receiver will perceive your message as an intrusion in their lives and form a damaging impression of the company. Compared to the number of people which are going to respond, thankfully these negative views are few in number.

Bulk SMS messaging has the benefit of being a proactive kind of marketing which targets individuals more directly in comparison to passive methods of marketing like promotional posters.

This post was written by R. Deans on behalf of Collstream, experts in bulk SMS. For more information on bulk SMS please visit